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Summer Eclipses 2010

Friday, July 9th, 2010

What is an eclipse?

In astrology an eclipse is a play between light and shadow and occurs when there is a lunation near one of the moon’s nodes.  Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth comes between the full moon and Sun, so that the earth’s shadow is cast on the moon.  A solar eclipse happens when the new moon comes between the Sun and Earth, and casts a shadow on the Sun.

Ancient cultures all over the world tracked eclipses because they created their calendars based on the lunar cycles.  To establish an accurate calendar, they observed the moon’s movement on a regular basis, by constructing megalithic observatories such as Stonehenge.

Eclipses have always portended momentous change for both personal and mundane events, and their affects last for six months.  The June 26th Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4º46′ Capricorn was no exception, as it was also part of a rare 7 planet Grand Cross configuration.

A Grand Cross is formed when planets literally form a cross pattern in the sky.  The recent configuration included, the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in late degrees of Virgo, Mercury and Sun in Cancer, and Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

So What Does it all Mean?

There is lot’s of speculation going on amongst astrologers on the internet, without consensus.  In fact, many astrologers insist there is a T square happening, and don’t even recognize the Grand Cross.  So for what it’s worth, here’s what I think.

In keeping with the theme of light and shadow, June’s partial lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto, can personally teach us all, how to passionately clean up our lives literally and figuratively.  We must ask ourselves what personal patterns do we have that are still supporting the old paradigms?  The astrology is demanding that we transform our old, hidden patterns and move deeper into the power of Love & Light.

A Grand Cross is made up of 2 oppositions and 4 squares, all of which denote stress.  The opposition of Sun/Mercury and Moon/Pluto have to do with balancing your conscious thoughts with your unconscious emotions.  While the opposition of Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn, are balancing the need to be head strong, freedom loving, and thrill seeking, with the actions of being grounded, stable, and maintaining the status quo.

Squares denote conflict and challenge and hopefully result in transformation. Specifically the 4 squares in June’s Grand Cross denote the following:

Pluto/Moon square Jupiter/Uranus: Letting the past die to make way for new passionate emotional experiences vs. The creation of new opportunities for expansion and growth.

Pluto/Moon square Saturn: Letting the past die to make way for new passionate emotional experiences vs. Disappointments and heavy responsibilities that can bring depression and a lack of confidence in changing old habits.

Sun/Mercury square Jupiter/Uranus: Harnessing ideas and decisions through will power vs. The need to be free to create new opportunities for expansion and growth.

Sun/Mercury square Saturn: Harnessing ideas and decisions through will power vs. Obstacles to change, and difficulty in maintaining a positive attitude.

However these aspects are affecting us, we must become aware of our own issues surfacing now, and move inward to process the complex energies being brought forth at this time.

July 11th Total Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses happen on the new moon and signify beginnings, usually manifested as events in the outer world. Those who have the cardinal signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn in their charts around 19 degrees will be most affected by this eclipse.  Remember, the affects of  all eclipses will be felt for 3-6 months after they have occurred.

Here we are all being called to use previously learned skills and talents in new ways and create opportunities in the realm of home and inner security.

The most troublesome squares have disappeared, and have been replaced with positive energies of the Sextile of Sun/Moon to Mars, and trines of  Venus to Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus to Mercury.

Wherever this eclipse falls in our birth charts, we have the opportunity to begin anew.

Do you have any insights about eclipses you would like to share?