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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

This past weekend I had the good fortune of attending a seminar given by internationally known Archeo-astronomer, Paul Devereux, where I learned about Archeo-acoustics.  I had heard about this term before the seminar, but didn’t really know much about the topic.  What I learned was quite interesting.

Apparently ancients all over the world knew about lithophones orringing rocks.  These are stones that have a ringing sound when struck with a piece of wood or another stone.

This type of music  (archeo-acoustics) was played on stalactites in caves and was also punctuated by a caves echo effect.  Sometimes a petroglyph was drawn to point out the ringing rock.  Researchers have also found that the Preseli stones of Stonehenge also have this ringing quality, so this opens up a new way of looking at the purpose of this ancient stone circle.

So why would this archeo-acoustic sound be important the ancient peoples? By working with a rock’s spirit voice,  it’s magical properties could be released when sounded.  Being placed at important man-made structures, like Stonehenge, allowed this natural, sacred, spirit of place to be transferred to their location of choice.


About the Author…
 Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience in Shamanism and teaches a 3 year Shamanic apprenticeship called Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  To find out more about this program and how to sign-up visit her website.

Totem: Cicada

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

By now most of us who live in the Southern States are in the throes of the thirteen year Cicada emergence.  Although many people I’ve talked about having the good fortune of hearing their soothing sound softly in the background, this has not been my experience.  For some reason they are extremely prolific where I live and I am forced to listen to their racket, that sounds like my neighbor’s car or house alarm going off, for 12+ hours a day.  Sometimes, even with the windows and doors closed and ear plugs donned in my ears, I can still hear them rattling my nervous system.  Thank goodness there is only 2-3 weeks left to their mating rituals!

Because of their long transformative life cycle, Cicadas have been recognized for thousands of years, in many world traditions as symbols for rebirth and immortality. In Ancient China, wealthy people would insert a carved jade cicada in their loved ones mouth before burial, believing it would help their passage to the next world. Having a 13-year life cycle, Cicadas are the longest living insects and therefore are symbols of longevity and eternal youth.  Because the number 13 can be seen as lucky or unlucky depending on your philosophy of life, the cicada can also remind us that everything is relative to our own point of view.

Mirroring their time spent underground, if you look beneath the surface in your life, the Circada totem can help to uncover hidden truths and secrets that have long been forgotten.

With it’s song the Cicada totem can teach you the art of Right Communication, or the balance of listening and speaking.  Cicada asks us if we are ready to transform our illusions into the light of truth and understanding.

June 2011: Astrology Update

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The featured Astrology occurrences for June 2011 are two eclipses.  The first one is a partial Solar Eclipse occurring on June 1st  where the Sun and Moon are conjunct (next to each other) at 11 degrees, 1 minute Gemini, while also forming a trine to Saturn.

Because the Sun and Moon also square (tension & conflict) Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, there may be confusion in sorting out your thoughts.  So meditation will give a boost to clearing away the cobwebs and bringing forth a clear mind so you can bring forth the new changes in your life as indicated by this eclipse: calling you to heal your psyche by illuminating your individuality.  The new moon in Gemini asks you to begin a new project dealing with communication in some way.  Forming a close trine (easy going) to this eclipse, Saturn will easily bring in form and structure to any changes made at this time.  And being retrograde, Saturn will also help support us bring old projects to fruition in a new or novel way.

The second eclipse occurs June 15th and is a Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees and 23 minutes Sagittarius, exactly opposite the Sun in Gemini.   With Mercury conjunct the Sun and Saturn in Libra still opposing Uranus, square Pluto, this eclipse asks us to redefine and rethink all of our relationships, whether they be lovers, co-workers, friends or family.  This is equally a time to make sure that our thoughts are in balance with our emotions and heading towards the same goals.

Although astrologers have historically seen the Total Lunar Eclipse to be malific, a new enlightened way of viewing this occurrence is to heed it’s wake-up call for change and action.

The key to working with this eclipse is to adapt, improvise and work with the situations that  are presented.  If you handle your issues in this way, you will probably be able to circumvent any difficulties that arise.

Look to see where Gemini and Sagittarius fall in your astrology birth chart or Solar Return.   Here you will see how these eclipses affect you personally. 


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Dolmens: What is Their True Purpose?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

A few years ago I had the good fortune of meeting and studying with a young man who was a member of an ancient, secret, Spanish order that dates back to when the megaliths such as Stonehenge were built.  From him I learned a few tid bits of knowledge that were simply not found in the books I had studied.  One such morsel was on the true purpose of Dolmens.

What are Dolmens? These are megalithic figures that look like huge table tops, where two stones support a third lying flat.  Archeologists have speculated that these are burial chambers of some kind because of ancient bones found there.  My young friend, however, gave me the insight that the true purpose of the Dolmen was that of a broadcasting chamber.

Having been built to harmoniously order the earth’s currents and then broadcast this energy across the land for many miles, a deceased King’s influence would remain for many years with his subjects, when his body/bones were put under the Dolmen.  This knowledge not only shows how sensitive the ancients were to energy, it also helps to understand how a King continued to be bound to the land even after his death.


About the Author…
 Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience in Shamanism and teaches a 3 year Shamanic apprenticeship called Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  To find out more about this program and how to sign-up visit her website.

Totem: Butterfly

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I love my garden in the spring!  So many pretty flowers blooming and when the azaleas begin to outshine the other plants, the return of the butterfly begins to mark this rite of passage.  This year I had the privilege of watching both yellow and blue butterflies drink their fill of nectar on my colorful bushes.

Shamanically, the butterfly totem represents transformation and the dance of joy.  Butterflies remind us that there is a natural flow to life and if we resist we can create difficulties for ourselves.  By showing us  their beautiful metamorphosis process they teach us that change ensures growth, and that life is truly magical.

The Butterflies light dance upon the flowers reminds us not to take life so seriously, and to awaken to a sense of joy.  So if the  Butterfly totem has come into your life, examine what needs changing, and how you can brighten your day.

May 2011 Astrological Update

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

This month is indeed interesting.  It begins with the Taurus new moon on the 2nd, bringing in new projects of beauty and balance.

Then on May 9th – 13th there is  a very rare planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter that can be seen visible to the naked eye as bright planetary bodies grouped together just before sunrise.  The last time they were seen together was over one hundred years ago in October 1910.  This alignment brings auspicious energy for success, opportunities, personal strength and potency.

With the full moon in Scorpio on May 17th, watch for the release of hidden emotions that you no longer need.

And then your good luck continues with another unusual planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Taurus between May 21st – 26th when these planets are between 1 to 5 degrees of each other.  Watch for a lot of energy in diplomatic communication and writing, with passion toward creativity and  sensual emotions.

Shamanic Apprenticeship: Third Year Tutorials

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I am now in the throes of having my apprenticeship put on my website, so by the time of my next newsletter it should be up and running.  At that time those of you who wish to purchase individual tutorials, may do so online.

Want to work with me but feel the first year is too elementary for you? That’s fine, just contact me and we can work something out.  Like I said before, everyone works at their own pace, and has had different life experiences.
Here is a look at my shamanic apprenticeship’s Third Year’s Tutorials.

  • Breath of Life
  • Awakening to the Spirit of Life
  • Language and the Concept of Time
  • Elements & Elementals:  Overview and Fire
  • Elements & Elementals:  Earth
  • Elements & Elementals:  Air
  • Elements & Elementals:  Water
  • Plant Spirit Allies
  • Pilgrimage as a Healing Path

The main focus that flows throughout this cross-cultural, shamanic  apprenticeship is to help the student become aware of, and work with the spirits all around us.  By learning how the Ancients and Indigenous peoples perceived reality and connected with the land, you will be able to transform your attitudes and lifestyle.

Please, consider letting the momentum of this program, transform your life, so you can Walk in Balance with All Our Relations in our unprecedented changing times.


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