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Totem: Wren

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I love the summer because it gives me a chance to beautify my deck, and feed the insect and hummingbird populations with my numerous potted, flowering plants and vegetables.   So a few weeks back I was elated when one of my geraniums became the home of a wren nest.

Wrens are birds that are bold yet resourceful.  In some traditions it is believed that the wren actually stole fire from the Gods.  Being adaptable it will build it’s nest in any convenient place, and to scare off predators they are known to build several dummy nests as well.

The Wren totem’s boldness and confidence comes through in their loud song, as well as, confronting larger birds or animals that come into their territory.

So if the Wren totem has come into your life, some good questions to reflect upon are whether you are using your resources wisely, or if you walk through life with enough confidence.  Are you forgetting to sing your song to the world?  Take a tip from our brother and sister Wren, and learn how to work with their medicine by using what is available in life to fulfill your needs.

July 2011 Astrological Eclipse Update

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

On July 1st, we have the 3rd eclipse in a rare cycle of three in a row, (June 1st we had a partial Solar eclipse and June 15th a total Lunar eclipse). This third astrological eclipse takes place on the New Moon at 9º Cancer, and is another partial Solar eclipse that will only be visible from a D-shaped region in the Antarctic Ocean south of Africa.

Although Solar Eclipses tend to bring endings to current life directions and the opening of new doorways, this one may be more potent than usual as it is also in the formation of a Cardinal Grand Cross with the planets of Saturn (10º Libra, Uranus 4º Aries, and Pluto 6º Capricorn).

To work with this configuration we must trust life and ourselves as we deal with the challenges that arise. This period marks a time of unexpected crisis and transformation in the areas of home and work and a time of increasing responsibilities.  The energies of the Saturn and Uranus opposition wrestle with responsibility to others verses the need to do your own thing, while Pluto opposing the Sun and Moon bring up instinctual and survival issues.  With four close squares in this configuration we can expect lot’s of tension and anxiety as we try to figure out what to do. Try not to get lost in your fears as you work with the above themes and reassess your commitments for their long term practicality.

Look to see where this Grand Cross falls in your birthchart for your own personal interpretation, or give me a call for a professional reading, (919) 942-7754.