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February 2012 ~ Astrology Update

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Continuing with our theme of the New Year, here’s a listing of when Mercury goes retrograde.

March 12 – April 4
July      14 – August 7
Nov.       6 – Nov. 26
Remember, these are times when it is best to meditate, take it easy and reflect.  It’s not a good time start new projects.  So plan your year accordingly.
Full moon in Leo at 18 degrees on Feb. 7th
Watch out on this Full Moon that you don’t get on an ego trip. With the Moon at 18 degrees Leo it’s full steam ahead with ambition, creative self-expression and leadership skills. But we need to be careful not to dominate others too much when we have the need to be admired and be the center of attention. If that were not enough, Mercury is conjoining the Sun in Aquarius and opposing the Moon. Although this combination can give us an easy flow of ideas and communication, it can also hinder objectivity of our behavior and how others see us.

 Although mental stamina and energy abound with the full moon, unconscious emotional patterns can distort our conscious thinking so we are not as clear or objective as usual. The word here is balance! It’s easy to make up for your fog and get emotional gratification by binging on food and spending money.

We are also dealing with the energy of Saturn on this day, as it goes Stationary Retrograde in Libra. For up to a week before and after Feb. 7th, your physical and emotional energy may feel heavy or stuck. You may feel pressured by authority figures, expectations and responsibilities that have cropped up. This is a time to use the Leo Full moon energy to develop courage to face any danger or difficulty in your life.

During the next four months while Saturn is Retrograde will be a time to rework and refine your goals and figure out how you will achieve them. It can also be a time to improve the way you deal with authority, expectations, obligations and discipline.

This month marks Neptune moving into Pisces. For the next fourteen years we should expect to see the advancement of spiritual awareness, providing more peace in the world. Many of us may develop clairvoyant faculties along with exalted forms of art and music. This month, there are also three other planets joining Neptune in Pisces. Chiron, there since January, Mercury on Feb. 15th and the Sun on Feb. 20th.   This is a good time to work on your spiritual advancement and brush up on your dream techniques.   The New Moon  also joins the Pisces gang on Feb 21st.

New Moon in Pisces at 2 degrees on 21st of February

Take the high road with this New Moon and begin a new pattern based on healing yourself and being sensitive to others. Use your now vivid imagination for poetry or the arts, and be kind and sympathetic to your friends. Try not to feel too vulnerable with all that Pisces energy, as Chiron, Sun, Moon  and Neptune are all conjunct.

This New Moon urges us to comprehend our beliefs, secrets and mysteries that lie hidden in our unconscious, so it’s a good time to explore your dreams. With Chiron in the mix, it’s also time to work on our individuality and heal any lingering wounds we may still have with our parents. This is a time for spiritual work and opening to the cosmic energies  pouring into the planet at this time. Don’t fret if it all seems too overwhelming. Simply spend some time alone to get grounded and all will be well.

Chinese Astrology ~ 2012, Year of the Black Water Dragon

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Chinese Astrology ~ Year of the Black Water Dragon

Celebrated since ancient times, this year’s Chinese New Year marks it’s 4,709th year of festivities. As the most important holiday in Chinese culture, the New Year is celebrated on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, and is a time for family reunions and delicious feasts. This year our new beginning started on January 23, 2012 (China time), and on the afternoon of January 22 in America.

The Chinese lunar calendar is cyclical and is based on 12 animals, each with their own significance, plus having the years organized by yin and yang, color and elements such as fire, air, earth and water. Unlike our western counterpart, the Chinese Dragon is always seen as Divine and beneficial. Although somewhat unpredictable, the dragon symbolizes auspiciousness, creativity, generosity, altruism and charitableness. Also seen as the spirit of change, the dragon can represent renewal and regeneration.

So what does our dragon have in store for us this year?

The Black (or yang) Water Dragon symbolizes great creativity on one side, and stormy weather on the other. The yang part of the equation could mean a year when money flows easily with high returns, if we take a lot of risks. And it can also mean that there may be many natural disasters. In contrast, Water tends to tone things down, like putting out a fire. It exudes calmness and empathy where it can heal Mother Earth’s temper, and help us to reap spiritual progress from cleansing and renewing our body, mind and spirit.

In fact, according to the Taoist perspective, your whole year’s fortune depends on how you begin it. They say it’s a time to purify yourself and become humble enough to receive the New Year’s energies. If you would like to find out what the Year of the Black Water Dragon means to you personally, click here. I found my reading to be very similar to my 2012 Solar Return chart.


About the Author…
 Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience in Shamanism and teaches a 3 year Shamanic apprenticeship called Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  To find out more about this program and how to sign-up visit her website.

Birch Tree and New Beginnings

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
In keeping with the theme of this Newsletter, I thought the Birch tree was a perfect, synchronistic candidate for this column, for it brings in many of the same ideas as the Chinese New Year below, and the New Moon above.

One of the first trees to bloom in spring, the Birch or Beithe as it is commonly called within the Celtic tree Ogham, represents new beginnings and opportunities for the future.  This tree helps us to recognize our subtle change in consciousness when we decided to shift gears in our life and embark on a a different path.  The Birch tree says, make a statement of intent, now, to plan for the journey ahead.

Birch also helps us be unselfish, caring and work for the common good. And as the first tree in the Tree Ogham it serves to set things right from the beginning. Graceful and slender, with a characteristic white bark, it symbolizes cleanliness, (purifying oneself from the old) and a determination in overcoming obstacles.

So if you are having problems spacing out with all that Pisces energy this month, just focus on Birch to help you out.


About the Author…
 Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience in Shamanism and teaches a 3 year Shamanic apprenticeship called Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  To find out more about this program and how to sign-up visit her website.

Shamanic Apprenticeship ~ Elemements & Elementals Tutorial

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land and
Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship

All indigenous peoples honored our sacred collective connection, with the Element of Air for they knew without it, our world would cease to exist. This tutorial teaches you how to give voice to your truth by learning how to listen and speak with Right Communication. You will also learn how to contact and shamanically work with the Air Elementals.