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Astrology Update: September 2012

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Every Full and New Moon the heavens download us with intense stellar energies that shift our vibrations and open us to new opportunities for growth.

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The New Moon this month falls on September 15th at 10:11 pm (EDT) at 23º 37′ Virgo. With Neptune trine Venus, the name of the game is actualizing your originality and resourcefulness by rejecting old conditioning, while seeking out new adventures in a freedom, loving way. Mercury quincunx Neptune challenges us to inspire others with our visions, to trust our intuition and think more realistically. Jupiter quincunx Mars adds to this by helping us to take risks, and organize our activities.

The Full Moon falls on September 29, at 11:19 pm (EDT) at 7º 22′ Aries, and is probably best spent alone as it will be playing havoc with our emotions. With the Moon conjunct Uranus expect erratic moods and behavior, and having the Sun in opposition to this gives a nervous, high strung, tense, and irritable disposition. Adding to the fray is Pluto squaring Sun and Moon. This intensifies emotions and forces actions in relationships, Mars squaring Venus denotes emotional issues in relationships, and Neptune square Venus, unveils unconscious and Karmic emotional difficulties. This is a good time to also stay away from alcohol, as it will only intensify how you feel.

Uranus/Pluto maintains its near exact square all month and continues forcing us to look at our core issues and work through them to raise our vibration.

 Other dates of note

September 7th: Venus moves into Leo for the next six weeks, which gives us an extra push to enjoy life, but watch out for the drama.

September 17th: Mercury moves into Virgo  (a sign it rules) for the next three weeks inviting in practical reasoning, order, and attention to details.

September 18th: Pluto ends it’s six-month retrograde, helping us to move forward with our transformational projects.

September 22nd: Fall equinox (equal day & night) with the Sun moving into Libra bringing more harmony, sharing, and cooperation into our lives.

September 26th: Grand Air Trine of Jupiter, Moon and Mercury that gives us clear sailing in all realms of communication in most areas of life, expansive imaginations, common sense, and optimistic thinking. This Grand Trine is also a good time to work with legal affairs, or entertain in your home.

Authentic Vulnerability

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Most people associate vulnerability with the disadvantage of being defenseless, fragile, weak, and susceptible to emotional pain and suffering. However, this is a misconception, as Authentic or True Vulnerability is really a source of our greatest spiritual strength, integrity and wisdom.

When we have the willingness to step out of our comfort zone to accept challenges, walk toward new experiences, or take risks, we begin to allow vulnerability to enter our lives, and in turn, discover our mental, emotional and spiritual strengths and limitations, while allowing personal growth and life enrichment to occur.

By working with our Heart’s Intelligence and accepting our human frailties we can begin to see that Authentic Vulnerability can open our eyes to new perceptions of life’s circumstances.   For True Vulnerability inherently commands respect, elicits compassion, connects us with the Divine, disarms others and creates a state of Beingess where deeply rooted healing can take place for us and all our relationships.

As we progress along our spiritual path, we begin to honor our inner wisdom more consistently and our ego gives way to true spiritual presence and compassion. Here, where open acceptance and self-responsibility are the norm, our awakened spirit can bath in the state of Authentic Vulnerability and be an open book for all to see.

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the watered down version of Kokopelli that is sold in stores and the Internet as a décor item. But how many of you actually know about his ancient origins and meaning?

As a mythical symbol of the Hohokam people (contemporaries to the Anasazi), the symbol of Kokopelli first appeared as a petroglyph, and later on pottery dating from 750-850AD.

Although the legends and history of Kokopelli vary from tribe to tribe, most agree that he was a Fertility God who brought life to the desert, bountiful crops, the birthing of babes, and plentiful rains.

The sack that Kokopelli always carries on his back has been linked to seeds, and human conception (like our stork). And ancient representations of him were depicted with a large phallus that connected him with marriage rites, fertility, and procreation.

Because the oldest depictions of Kokopelli were a combination of human and insect, he is seen as being Anthropomorphic, and it reflects the origins of his name; “Koko”, kachina or spiritual being, and “pelli”, the insect desert robber fly with a prominent proboscis (elongated sucking mouthpart that is tubular and flexible and looks like a flute), and a rounded back denoting its zealous sexual activities.

Some people interpret his insect-like qualities as shamanic shape-shifting, so that perhaps the original Kokopelli was indeed a shaman who returned to the material world after his flight to other dimensions, bringing back guidance or healing for his tribe.


About the Author… Barbara-Lynn Freed has practiced shamanism for over twenty years and offers a 3-year Shamanic apprenticeship entitled Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  Find out more about this worthy program and how to sign-up by visiting her website.


Ancient kokopelli

Ancient Kokopelli

Shamanic Totem: Bat

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

What a good omen… the man I just hired for lawn maintenance also had similar esoteric interests!  As I watched out of my kitchen window we were both amazed when a Bat flew right in front of the mower landing on the ground.  With a shovel he picked up the little fellow and gently placed him in the woods bordering my property.


Bat in Flight


The Bat is a powerful shamanic totem as it can signify facing our greatest fears and working through intense tests to change ourselves by releasing aspects of our life that no longer suit us.  The Bat totem tells us that change and transformation are blessings in our lives and come from within ourselves.  Because the Bat totem symbolizes rebirth, it can act as strong medicine promising us hope in the midst of chaos.

If Bat has flown into your life know that no matter how unstable your life my appear to be, the promise of empowerment is on the horizon.


About the Author… Barbara-Lynn Freed has practiced shamanism for over twenty years and offers a 3-year Shamanic apprenticeship entitled Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  Find out more about this worthy program and how to sign-up by visiting her website.