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Lessening Our Carbon Footprint by Greening Deserts

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

While filming a story on Chinese farming practices several years ago, cameraman John D. Liu stumbled upon a series of techniques that transformed barren wasteland into tracks of green oasis. So inspired by his discovery, he decided to dedicate his life assisting third world nations such as Rwanda, Ethiopia and Jordon, in restoring and revitalizing over grazed desert in only three to five years!

Using fencing for domestic, grazing animals, planting trees and building mesas, these countries have returned fertility to the land and given their people food security.

According to Mr. Liu, renewal occurs when people have a fundamental understanding of how eco systems work and having a balance between hydrology and vegetative life.

He feels that we need to shift our belief system away from valuing goods and services to valuing the natural world of trees, water, plant and animal diversity, because when our source of wealth is based on products derived from the land, and not the land itself, it’s inevitable that environmental challenges will develop. Instead, Mr. Lui feels we need to base our wealth on breathing clean air, drinking clear water, being happy, and living in nature.

He states, “If we were to restore all of the land on Earth that has been degraded, we would put a huge dent in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Living soils retain 3X more carbon than the foliage above the ground.”

 Watch this remarkable film about John D. Liu’s work on revitalizing desert into fertile, sustainable and functional land now. 

Astrology Update ~ June 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Be prepared this month for a relationship roll-a-coaster as Venus traverses Gemini, Cancer and Leo.  On June 2 Venus enters Cancer to focus on financial/domestic security, affection, and extremes in emotional sensitivity.   When Venus enters Leo on June 27, expect emotional stabilization along with an emphasis on creative endeavors, living life to it’s fullest, and craving the spotlight.

On June 3rd the heavens provide us with a Grand Trine of Mercury, Saturn, & Neptune helping us visualize and manifest our professional goals.  Then on June 7th when Neptune turns retrograde for six months, it’s time to enlighten/heal any hidden ideas, concepts and actualities that may be holding your spiritual enfoldment at bay.

On June 8th at 11:56 am EST we have the New Moon at 18º11’Gemini, boasting two rare Kite configurations.  The first one is composed of a  Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn and Venus, Part of Fortune sextile Saturn and Venus, and Neptune opposing the Part of Fortune.  Remembering the Kite becomes the driving focus of the chart, look for an emphasis on being altruistic toward others, plus artistic endeavors.

The second Kite is composed of a Grand Trine with Chiron, N. Node and Mercury, N. Node sextile Chiron & Mercury, and Pluto opposing Venus and Mercury.  This is a time to heal and move forward by embracing paradoxes, writing, and gaining acceptance for your ideas.  Watch out, however, for the shadow side of this configuration that may leave you prone to confidentiality leaks and unwise decisions.

In addition, we also have Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini with the former three conjunct, making communication of all kinds a focus for this New Moon. Uranus square Mercury and Venus feed the shadow of the second Kite by providing impetus for impractical, snap ideas and relationships, without having foresight of truth or consequences.  In addition watch out for unconscious emotional desires with Neptune square Mars.

When the Sun stands still for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, it’s a good time to mirror this event by taking pause in your busy life to see how you want to improve it and proceed.

We have a rather benevolent Full Moon on June 23, 7:32am, EST at 2º 10′ Capricorn with a slew of trines and sextiles.  A Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn & Sun/Jupiter helps us accomplish our aims with the stock market, spirituality, organizing plans for our future and meditation.

Sextiles: Moon/Saturn, Neptune, Uranus/Mars, Pluto/N. Node enhance the Grand Trine by emphasizing organizational abilities for profession and home, hard work to accomplish tasks, psychic tendencies, and transforming our culture to serve the people. We finish the month with Jupiter moving into Cancer on June 25th for the rest of the year, Mercury turning Retrograde on June 26th until July 20th and Venus moving into Leo on June 27th.

Sacred Walking

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Sacred Walking is an ancient, traditional form of walking meditation that teaches us to slow down and touch the land with our senses.  Here we can discover the rhythms of nature, plus sights, sounds, smells and stillness that would normally be lost to us by scurrying along the path.

When our walk becomes laced with Divine purpose and pilgrimage, the visible and invisible touch, allowing us to create a journey where process and destination open us to spiritual experience and enlightenment.

Sacred Walking is open to anyone who wants to reconnect with Nature, Walk in Beauty and form Right Relationship with All Our Relations.


Instructions for Sacred Walking
  • Use your intuition to find a path in the woods, park or other natural site to walk.
  • Walk consciously, slowly, and deliberately.
  • Tune into the subtle magnetism of nature; sites, smells, sounds.  Feel the air caress your body or how it feels when you touch a tree or plant.
  • If you are familiar with the terrain, notice something new.
  • Be perceptive and sensitive to any shifts in your consciousness.
  • How does this route change during different daylight hours or evening?
  • Journal about your findings.

Restoritive Celery

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

This year I decided to try something new in my garden by planting the bottom of an organic celery stub to see if it would grow.  If you would like to join in the fun in your own garden, simply eat your celery stalks and then instead of composting or throwing the rest out, slice off the bottom, stick in the ground and water.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the results!  Within a few days new growth will appear and walla! You will be on your way to growing a constant source of this nutritious, fibrous vegetable.

A source of natural sodium, organic celery is also a powerhouse in providing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and an excellent source of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and amino acids.


Noted Benefits of Celery

  •  Helps to reduce high blood pressure
  • Clears uric acid from painful joints
  • Good for your kidneys.
  • Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties
  • Works as a diuretic
  • Relaxes your nerves
  • Helps relieve constipation
  • Balances your body’s PH
  • Adds fiber to your diet

As a flower essence, Celery can restore balance to your immune system when it’s stressed, or overworked from a long-term viral or bacterial infection.

 If you’re planning on adding Celery to your diet, please go organic because it’s been noted that celery’s thin outside wall is a magnet for pesticides.

Viminas: Ancient Flying Machines

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

The Indian Vedas are the oldest body of knowledge and wisdom in the world today.  Although the written version dates back to 5,000 years ago, it is believed by Indian Vedic Scholars that it’s oral tradition predates this by many thousands of years.

Much to the amazement of many in the West, ancient flying machines called Viminas are talked about and diagrammed in several of the Vedic texts.  Find out if this technology was really possible for ancient man in this well-done, 13 minute flick by the History Channel.