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Astrology Update: September 2013

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

An interesting month indeed! With a polarized New and Full moon, emotional juices will flow no matter which side of the political/spiritual fence you are sitting on.  And with Mercury dancing in three signs, relationships may be a little unstable.

We begin on September 1st with two powerful configurations that promote spiritual development and transformation in all aspects of your life. (Pluto trine Sun & Moon/Mars conjunction).

Then on September 5th the New Moon 13° 04’Virgo at 7:36am EST, gives your transformation more momentum with   2 Kites, a Yod, Mystic Rectangle, Grand Cross and a stellium in Virgo.

This New Moon is a huge catharsis toward healing the rifts we have within ourselves and with others, transforming them and then moving toward spiritual development through deep questioning of who we are, and where we are going both as individuals and as a culture.

For you astrology buffs, here are the specific configurations.  2 Kites: Grand Trine: S.Node/Pluto/Sun & Moon, Sextiles: Pluto/N.Node & Chiron + Chiron/S.Node & Pluto, Yod: Uranus quincunx Sun/Moon/N.Node, Sun sextile N. Node, Mystic Rectangle:  S.Node trine Sun/Moon, sextile N.Node trine Chiron, sextile S. Node, Grand Cross:  Nodal opposition and Sun/Moon opposing Chiron, Virgo stellium: Mercury/Part of Fortune/Sun/Moon.

On September 9th, Mercury moves from detailed Virgo to liberating Libra.  Set some time aside for socializing with others.

When Venus enters Scorpio, four weeks on September11, watch out for passionate encounters in your relationships and anger issues.

Transition begins over the next six days preparing us for the polarizing energies of this month’s Full Moon with a Saturn/N.Node conjunction on September 12, Uranus/Mars trine on September 14 and then Saturn/Venus/N. Node conjunction on September 18.  Here we are subjected to a roller coater ride of conforming to the prevailing culture, then rejecting old conditions, followed again by a more conservative approach.

Watch out for this month’s Full Moon on Sept 19th in 26° 41’Pisces at 7:13 am EST!!  Its configurations suggest a huge emotional backlash from the Powers that be.  Configurations are: Grand Cross: (Pluto/Jupiter opposition, and S.Node opposing N.Node/Venus/Saturn), Sun opposing Moon/Part of Fortune, Uranus quincunx Venus/Saturn and Mars square N.Node/Venus/Saturn.

When Pluto turns direct on September 20, see hidden truths revealed.  Sun enters Libra on the 22, giving way to the Fall Equinox. And we end the month with Mercury moving into Scorpio for the next nine weeks on September 29.  This will be a good time for deep, transformative thinking of how to make the world a better place. However, if things are not going your way, be careful not to let depression seep in.
















Have Your Senses Become More Acute?

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Since we have stepped over the threshold into the 5th World many of you may have begun experiencing subtle or dramatic changes to your senses.  Do not be alarmed as this is simply how your body is adjusting to the intense higher frequencies currently bombarding our planet.

If you are finding that loud noise like babies crying, dishes clanking, background sound in restaurants or even some people’s voices hurt your ears and nervous system; you can find relief by using earplugs.  Or perhaps your hearing has expanded to include psychic sounds such as telephone ringing before it actually rings, faint voices in a quiet background, or celestial music and singing.  No, you’re not going crazy!  These are simply indications that you are opening to higher dimensions.

Likewise, you may begin to see things from the corner of your eyes, colors or auric fields around people, plants, animals or even inanimate objects.  Or you may find yourself avoiding crowds, certain types of food and odors.

When these changes occur it is very important to listen to your body and accommodate its needs.  Remember, the shift happening now requires that we become more sensitive to our own subtle nuances, as well as our surroundings.

The best way to work with these changes is simply to go with the flow and not resist.  Becoming more consistent with meditation or yoga regimes will help your body realign smoothly.  Sound attunements via crystal bowls or chanting may also help, as well as periodic energy attunements.

Joy of Flowers!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

During the summer months one of my favorite morning pastimes is watching all the flower activity on my porch.  It gives me great pleasure to know I am supplying nectar to the many moths, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that frequent this part of my garden.

Sitting and watching a sea of purples, pinks and an occasional yellow, I feel uplifted by sensing each flower’s beauty, vibration and presence, for flowers connect us with Divine joy!   It is by no accident that they are given when a dear one passes, when we celebrate our love for another, or when we want to say please forgive me.

When we sit quietly, in reverence and reflection with a flower, her spirit may sometimes share messages or guidance through our feelings.  Thus, through observation and heightened senses we may engage in a new type of relationship.

So the next time you encounter a flower, feel the wonder of its joyful presence.  And give gratitude for your beautiful experience.

Segmented Sleep Patterns of our Ancestors

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Did you know that the sleeping habits of our ancestors were different than our own today?  With the lack of electricity and street lamps, people had 2 nightly sleep cycles.  The first one lasted 3-4 hours. Then upon waking, people would get up and be active for 1-2 hours and then fall back to sleep until morning; a 12 hour cycle in all.

This phenomena was first rediscovered by Professor Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech in 1990, after doing copious research of past literature, court documents, and personal papers.

For those of you interested in learning more, you can read his book

At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past.