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Astrology Update: October 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Chaos is afoot on October 3 when Uranus is closest to the Earth, so watch out for possible sudden reversals in events, relationships and situations.

Then on October 4 we have a doosie of a New Moon, 11° 56’ Libra at 8:35 pm EST.  Although the Sun and Moon are in Libra, this New Moon also has a water emphasis that includes a Stellium in Scorpio (Mercury, N.Node, Saturn, Venus, with Mercury/N.Node/Saturn conjunct, along with a Mars/Venus square. 

Remember that New Moons are seeding times for new energies and thought forms and sets the pace for the following two-week period.  Although this one has a decidedly conservative tone, we can try and stay positive while introducing small steps forward in the new paradigm.  Be careful in relationships for old smoldering issues can be brought to the surface with passion, yet, volatility.

This New Moon also has a Grand Cross to contend with.  With both the Sun and Moon opposing Uranus, watch for extreme sensitivity, independence, nervousness, and emotional instability, in yourself and others, while the Pluto/Jupiter opposition emphasizes a procuring of wealth & power in unscrupulous ways.

Luckily things will be tempered a bit when Venus moves into Sagittarius for four weeks.  Although traditional moral structures will prevail, this placement will also be spiritually oriented, friendly and sociable.

The next day October 8 Mercury exactly conjoins Saturn; the first of three times over the next six weeks.  Look for foresightedness in planning, and hard work, but be careful not to let worry, depression, or obstacles to new ideas take hold.

A good time for networking and social activities takes place on October 14 with a Sun/Moon trine.  This is a good time to introduce new ideas and have them approved by those that count.

Then on October 18 we have a Full Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, 25° 51’ Aires at 7:38 pm EST, where the energies of the Scorpio stellium come to a peak. (N.Node/Saturn/Mercury/Part of Fortune, all conjunct, with Mercury and POF being exact)  Although Venus is no longer a part of this, with an Aires Moon in opposition, watch for unbridled independence, and an emotional, impulsive nature. Denoting a time of change, this eclipse will pack a punch because most of the world will be in viewing range.

The following day, October 19, watch for surfacing repressed desires and actions when Mars opposes Neptune.

Then its time to put new projects and contracts on hold when Mercury goes Retrograde on Oct. 21 until Nov. 10

And we end our turbulent month on a positive note on Oct 23 when the Sun moves into Scorpio and trines the Moon in Cancer.  Look for emotional optimism in all social encounters and relationships.

What is Ascension?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Like everything else, the meaning of Ascension is relative to who you are, your spiritual background and how you perceive reality.  Traditionally, Ascension has implied liberating our soul from physical form to etheric substance and Light.  Christianity gives us a perfect example of this type of Ascension through Christ’s resurrection.  However since we have entered the new paradigm of the 5th World, the meaning of Ascension has shifted from being a physical transformation to an internal spiritual process that awakens us to new possibilities, perceptions and higher consciousness in our daily lives.

To embark on this inner journey we must first commit to healing our emotional and psychological issues that prevent forward movement.  By doing so, we can also begin cultivating the spiritual qualities below.


Spiritual Qualities of Ascension

Commitment to a Daily Spiritual Practice – Examples: creating sacred space, meditating, walking in the woods, prayer

Perceiving your Body As a TempleAs our vehicle through life, our body is sacred. So it’s important to take care of our physical health by eating wholesome foods, keeping away from harmful substances and getting enough rest and sleep.

HumblenessReleasing self-importance, and living a simple life-style.

Service Oriented – Engaged in the good of the whole, instead of focusing on yourself

Inner strengthKnowing you have the ability to find resolution for any challenge that comes your way.

Emotional Stability – Comes when you develop transparency and heal your shadow.  When this happens life drama disappears and you become an objective observer.

Compassionate, Loving & Kindness – Because you see the good in others, you remain spiritually open to everyone.

Development of Inner Peace – Comes with the release of anxiety and lower emotions.

Joyfulness – Happens when our hearts are open and we have a connection to Source. We can reach out and share our joy with others.

Understanding – Here we can be sensitive thoughtful and supportive to others, because we have the ability to forgive and be compassionate.

Insightfulness and Perceptiveness – Allows us to see with deep clarity how life truly is.

Living Life as Spirit – By unifying the two, your spirituality is carried into every waking moment and action.

PresenceResonating a state of Beingness that is calm, present, compassionate, loving, grounded, and humble.



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Seedless Watermelons: Are They Produced by Monsanto?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Seedless watermelons are all the rage, but have you ever wondered where they came from and whether they are Monsanto’s latest gimmick?

I have.

After searching the Internet for answers, I found that this fruit is actually grown as a hybrid and is not genetically modified. First developed by a Japanese scientist in 1951 at Kyoto University, this strain of watermelon is produced by doubling its chromosomes from 11 to 22.

OK, so seedless watermelons are in the clear! However, while researching I found an extensive list of food companies that use GMO ingredients in their products. See left column to access this list.

There’s Fungus Among Us

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Fall marks a time when a variety of fungus begins to sprout in our gardens.  They seem to appear overnight brandishing an array of colors and shapes and then mysteriously disappear.  According to Paul Stamats, world renowned mycologist, mushrooms work with soil regeneration and communicating with other plants through an underground network.  Watch this short, yet informative, beautiful flick that shows time-lapsed mushroom birth and a snippet of Paul Stamat’s philosophy.

Ancient Wari Tomb Found Unlooted in Peru

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Spanning the years of 600 – 1000 AD, the immense, Wari Empire flourished and ruled a vast expanse of Peru.  However, not much is known of this great kingdom because looters have confiscated and destroyed most of their cultural artifacts.  However, using aerial photography and geophysical imaging, archeologists have recently located and excavated the first unlooted, subterranean Wari tomb, enabling them to uncover three Wari Queens, as well as, 1,000+ items of interest, such as beautifully painted pottery, inlaid gold and silver jewelry, bronze ritual axes, a rare alabaster cup, and coca leaf containers.

Because the Incas modeled their great cities on the Wari culture, the archeologists are hoping to find clues that link these two civilizations.

Wari Empire