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Astrology Update: November 2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

We begin the month with a complex New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3rd 11° 16’Scorpio, 7:50 AM, EST, that calls for regeneration, action and good timing.  It can be seen on east coast of North and South America, southern Europe & Africa.

With a Stellium in Scorpio (N. Node/Mercury exact conjunction 7°, Sun/Moon exact conjunction 11°, Saturn 13°, Part of Fortune 24°) this New Moon and Eclipse will deliver a wallop back to the side of expanding spiritual development.

A Kite will introduce important, new, acceptable, concepts creating insight, the will to act, and regenerate your personal life, practical affairs, emotions, stamina, and health.  (Kite: Grand Trine: Mars/Pluto/S. Node, Sextiles: Pluto/S. Node sextile Chiron)

Cooperative, productive, action is emphasized by Mars trining Pluto and sextiling Sun/Moon/Mercury/S.Node/Saturn.

On November 5th Venus enters Capricorn until the end of this year, emphasizing commitment and loyalty in love and a need for financial security.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on November 7th until July 2014, it enhances our ability to gain spiritual insight, seek underlying truths and remain optimistic about our future.

Mercury turning direct on November 10th marks the time to move into action with new projects.

Watch out for November 15th as it may bring personal relationship or financial worries when Pluto and Venus conjoin.

The Full Moon comes this month on November 17th at 25° 26’Taurus, 10:16 am EST, with a continued Scorpio stellium (Sun/Saturn and exact conjunction of N. Node/Mercury), that brings new, popular ideas and transformative, practical accomplishments in financial and personal affairs.

Enhancing this trend is a Grand Trine (N.Node/Mercury/Part of Fortune) that enables us to work with prevailing trends and visualize our future, while a Mystic Rectangle (Mercury/N. Node sextile Pluto/Venus trine S. Node/sextile Part of Fortune/trine Mercury/N. Node), moves us to question the structure of our culture and how to diplomatically find solutions to current dilemmas.

On November 21st the Sun enters Sagittarius for the next month adding adventure, positive thinking, & concern for the society’s well-being.

We end the month with a bear of a day on Thanksgiving, November 28th.  Here we have a T-square (conflict & challenge) with Libra Moon opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Watch out for emotional flare-ups, and drastic solutions to pending issues.

















Sweden’s Novel Use of Garbage

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Sweden is the only country in the world that manages their landfill issues by recycling physical waste into electricity for 250,000 homes and 20% of their country’s heat.  In doing so, only 4% of their trash winds up landfills.  This waste management program is so effective that they have run out of garbage and are currently buying it from Norway and hope to expand to other European countries soon.

Spokespersons for the Swedish EPA say that they are now able to help eliminate recycling issues for their neighbors, while creating a new income stream for their own country by charging for their services.

Fungus Among Us – Take 2

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

After writing my article last month on the role mushrooms play in our environment, I was intrigued enough to watch another Paul Stamats lecture on You Tube. I found it to be both fascinating and enlightening, so below are a few of the things I learned listening to his amazing talk called The Future of Fungi.

After years of study, scientists have found that fungus inhabits all plants and trees, helping their seeds to germinate better and enabling them to resist disease and sustain long droughts, predator attacks, and sudden climate changes. Because fungi carry nutrients to trees over long distances, researchers have also discovered that mycelium have a balancing effect on the health of forests.

Fungi also create soil by decomposing leaves, straw, and other plant debris, and then form dense under ground water storing networks that branch out and explore new territory. It then educates the network of what it has found.  He calls fungi, earth’s natural internet, and goes on to say that networking is basic to all forms of life, including galaxies embedded in a field of dark matte that he believes to be cosmic consciousness.

Paul Stamats also believes that mycelium are intelligent, sentient beings, that actually are related to us because they also breath oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  He says that millions of years ago we were one species that began developing differently.


Other Mushrooms Discussed in the Film and What They Do.

Amadou mushroom – can create a spark and carry fire for several days.  Can be formed in to clothing and when smeared with animal grease, becomes water repellent.

Oyster mushroom – breaks down hydro carbons and eats oil.

Hideous Gomphidius– Eats Cesium 137 and lowers radiation in the surrounding environment.

Black Molds – growing on Chernobyl walls ate l million rads of gamma radiation, by using pigment cells to utilize radiation the same way plants use sunlight for cellular metabolism.

Agarikon mushroom eats bacteria of TB, small pox, staphlicocos and ecoli, but only  grows in old growth forests.

Reishi & Cordyceps – Used in the prevention of cancer




Want to see the film for yourself? 

View Paul Stamats film The Future is Fungi on You Tube




Ancient Lunar Calendar Found in Scotland

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Archaeologists working in Aberdeenshire, Scotland have recently uncovered a 10,000 year-old ancient lunar calendar. Composed of twelve large pits resembling phases of our Moon, it also aligns with land outcrops to mark the winter solstice. This exciting discovery gives new evidence that Mesolithic man was more advanced than previously thought.

By positioning their calendar with the land, these ancient people were able to recalibrate it for accuracy with the sun every year, thus enabling them to keep track of the lunar cycles and seasons.

Geophysical evidence suggests that the pits were well maintained for thousands of years, and helped these ancient hunter-gatherers to know when game would migrate into and out of their territory.


How the Lunar Calendar works



The Path of Surrender

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Extremely yin in nature, the Path of Surrender is often misunderstood as giving up, or failing in life.  Instead, this action releases our need for struggle and suffering. moving us toward a state of Grace, where everything we need simply flows toward us within an abundant sea of synchronicity.

As more of us fully commit to pursuing Ascension and walking closer to the Divine in all facets of our life, the spiritual Path of Surrender may become an essential way to be.  Through cultivating compassion, understanding, and higher consciousness our next natural step of spiritual development may become acquiescing to Divine source for guidance in all facets of our lives. Then with trust and open heart we gladly walk toward the Spiritual Path of Surrender.