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Astrology Update: December 2013

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Although this month seems to be a mixed bag of energies, we begin it with an expansive New Moon at 10°59’Sagittarius, at 7:22 pm EST.  This Sun/Moon conjunction once again seeds new paradigm energies with a yin for freedom, adventure and a positive outlook on life.

The Uranus/Pluto square only one degree apart, attempts to rattle us to our core, however, look for transformation of traditional ideas, beliefs, as well as personal issues with Mercury/Saturn/N.Node in Scorpio. This is enhanced with a slew of trines (Uranus trine Sun/Moon, Mars trine Venus, Jupiter trine Saturn, Neptune trine N.Node), that gives spiritual insight, creativity in new experiences/enterprises, happiness in romance, common sense, integrity, farsightedness and being in tune with prevailing trends.  However, watch out in your haste to move forward for Mercury squaring Neptune that may help you forget the obvious, make errors, and wreck havoc in communications.

New Moon energies are boosted on December 4th with Mercury entering Sagittarius for three weeks; look for prophetic insight into social motivations and future events.

On December 7th Mars moves into Libra bringing in the need to socialize with others, while wanting to be appreciated and noticed.

December 9th brings us a feminine, water, Grand Trine, (Moon/Jupiter/Saturn) that gives us comfort, healing, altruism, generosity and the ability to create large scale tasks built upon our present emotional, domestic or societal foundations.

On December 17th the tide begins to shift with Full Moon 25°36’ Gemini at 4:28 am EST. Although the Saturn/Jupiter trine tries to keep things above board, all the Hard Aspects may have us wishing we had stayed in bed all day. (Mercury conjunct Sun/opposing Moon, Venus quincunx Moon, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Venus square N. Node, & Mars square Pluto)  Watch out for confusion, irritation and forcefulness in all relations with others, the need for approval, anger issues, the inability to listen to constructive criticism and possible violence. Although the N. Node is still in Scorpio we will have to work hard to get out of our lower emotions and transcend the cosmic spiral to Divine Light and Love.

When Uranus goes Direct on December 17th watch out for the unexpected to surface in yourself, the world and the earth.

Then on December 21st Winter Solstice is conjoined with Venus going Retrograde.  It’s time to take a breather from the Holiday rush to retreat and reassess your values/finances and celebrate the longest night of the year.

Mercury enters reserved, solemn and serious Capricorn on December 24th just in time to deal with a potentially volatile Christmas Day. On December 25th emotions flare with a slew of difficult aspects. Thanksgiving’s challenging T-square is back, along with the Moon squaring Sun/Mercury/Pluto, opposing Uranus, & conjoining Mars.  Conflict is inevitable with this combination, so watch out for old family issues to resurface, incredibly annoying small talk, forceful actions, emotional intensity/instability/ unpredictability, anger and frustration.

We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this Holiday is past.




Solitude & Spiritual Growth

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

For most people today finding time to retreat from their busy lives takes repeated effort and discipline.  Yet if you can find the time to do so, the rewards are many.

By allowing extended periods of solitude to enter our lives, we can grow closer to Source and begin to see ourselves clearly through a Divine perspective. In this way we can truly slow our thoughts, move deeply inward, confront and transform our core issues while creating forward motion in our spiritual growth.

Going for long walks in nature is an easy way to achieve at least snippets of solitude in our hectic lives. As you become more accustomed to silence in the woods, or the natural sounds of beach and wildlife, relaxation, sensitivity, and lack of self-importance become the norm, enabling us to discern common similarities between others and us and cooperatively engage with friends, family or acquaintances.


Embracing Solitude Allows You To

Speak from your heart

Deeply relax

Release your expectations of others

Transform your life

Feed your soul and spiritually evolve

Free yourself from constant action & companionship

Understand the virtue of silence

Be patient and cooperative with others.

Move closer to the Divine




Eco Dome from Cal Earth

Thursday, December 5th, 2013
Bored with just digging and maintaining a garden?  Now you can build a small house in your backyard made from earth using NASA’s Superadobe technology, recreated by Cal-Earth Institute.  This structure called the Moon Cocoon, is resistant to fire, floods, wind storms and earthquakes.

Watch this short flick and find out how.

Ancient Nebra Sky Disc

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Found by looters in 1998, the Nebra Sky Disc portrays the oldest known depiction of astronomical data in the world.  After being impounded by German police in 2002 the disc underwent scrupulous scientific investigation to verify its authenticity and is now on permanent exhibition in the German State Museum of Prehistory.   Researchers believe that this piece of antiquity dates back to 3600 years ago and depicts both astronomical and mythical information about the celestrial ocean.

Portraying the Sun, Moon, Pleiades star grouping, and golden arcs that symbolize the horizon, the Nebra Sky Disk enabled the ancients to pinpoint solstice sunrise and sunset.

When seen as a dome, the sky disc reflects the ancient belief that the heavens were stretched over the earth, where the horizon casts a boundary for visible life and invisible myth.

Nebra Sky Disc

courtesy of