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Astrology Update: January 2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The New Year comes in with a bang with two New Moons, the first one on New Year’s Day at 10° 57′ Capricorn,

6:14 am.  This lunation packs a punch with a close stellium in Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Pluto/Mercury) all within a 2° orb, plus Venus.  With this planetary/sign involvement it’s important to get some down time to have a clear picture of what is going on in your life and what you want to change in the coming year.  Try and get a grip on your emotions through meditation and by aligning your personal will with Divine will before working on manifesting what you want.

This New Moon also boasts a very volatile Grand Square (Mars square Sun/Moon, Mercury/Pluto/Jupiter, Jupiter square Uranus, Uranus square Sun/Moon, Mercury/Pluto) and  Grand Cross (Mars opposes Uranus, Jupiter opposing Sun/Moon/ Mercury/Venus/Pluto).  The next two weeks are not a good time to ask for a raise at your job, or get into it with your loved ones.  This is an excellent time to lay low, not rock the boat, not be over confident, or force yourself on others, for the energies have the potential of exploding in your face with violent outbursts, disputes over money/joint resources, accidents, sudden mood changes, impulsive excess, jumping to conclusions and people using force to get what they want.

On January 7th, a Grand Water Trine (Jupiter trine Saturn, trine Moon, trine Jupiter), tries smoothing things out by bringing in energies that are more cautious and conservative, honest, and altruistic

January 11th Mercury moves into Sagittarius helping us to open our minds to new experience and communion with the Universal Mind.

When the Full Moon arrives on January 15th at 25° 58′ Aquarius, 11:52 pm, the Grand Square & Grand Cross are still in the heavens. (Grand Square: Jupiter square Uranus square Pluto square Mars square Jupiter, Grand Cross: Jupiter opposing Pluto/Venus, & Uranus opposing Mars).  These configurations hold the same energies they had during the New Moon, however now they are tempered by Moon trine Saturn, trine Venus, Neptune trine N.Node, Neptune conjunct Chiron, Mercury sextile Neptune.  Here we have a choice.  Do we allow our lower emotions to rule, or do we move into spiritual understanding, inspiration, positive thinking, common sense, honesty, intuition, and altruism?

The Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19th bringing an emphasis on friendship, loyalty, brotherhood, collective endeavors, exchanging ideas, a need for freedom and fostering good will to all.

When Jupiter and Pluto begin opposing each other on January 26 for two weeks, be careful not to force your philosophies, spirituality or ideas on others.

The second New Moon arrives on January 30th, 10° 55’Aquarius at 4:39pm.  Here duality continues to reign, although with a lighter hand with Jupiter quincunx Sun/Moon, Uranus sextile Sun/Moon, Neptune conjoining Mercury, Pluto conjoining Venus, and Saturn square Mercury, Uranus square Pluto/Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter opposing Venus/Pluto.

Try not to get stuck in old patterns of worry, traditional thinking and gaining wealth and  recognition through power and greed.  We are called to let go of the past by learning compassion for others by developing a loving and enduring philosophy of life. We are also asked to be open to opportunities, develop new psychic skills, and be passionate towards life.  Be careful with new romantic encounters, as they probably won’t last.  With an undercurrent of restlessness, it may be a time for travel and adventure.

We end the month with Venus moving direct on January 31st, bringing a new focus on relationships, and Mercury moving into Pisces, enhancing our imaginations, intuition and sympathies for others.

Cultivating Spiritual Awareness

Monday, January 6th, 2014

We are all born spiritually aware, yet because of our cultural conditioning this sacred gift for most of us, disappears early in life.  Years later, we may catch our first glimpse at remembering as we seek a deeper meaning in our lives and the world around us.  For Spiritual Awareness arises when we address life’s challenges with insight, forgiveness and understanding.  If we choose to continue along this path, we give ourselves the opportunity to transform and grow spiritually through our life experience.

Cultivating spiritual awareness takes time, introspection and patience.  By initiating the practice of meditation, being fully present with each passing moment, and by following your inner-wisdom, you can gradually release conflict, find your life’s true purpose and work for the highest good of all concerned.



 Cultivating Spiritual Awareness  

Can Help You 

  •  Flow with life’s synchronicities
  • Be Attuned with Universal abundance
  • Accept & love yourself
  • Understand others
  • Find your life’s true purpose.
  • Trust your inner wisdom
  • Release conflict and need for life-drama
  • Seek your own truth
  • Open your heart
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Be content with Life

A Thorny Apple Choice

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Cultivated since the earliest of times, the Apple tree is included in the Celtic Tree Ogham, an ancient language/divination system used by the Druids.  Here this fruit is associated with Choice and choosing between two equally attractive things.  Since the alternatives seem to be equally promising, the choice may be difficult.

The original apple of course was the crab apple, and not the hybrid types we grow and eat today.  This original apple tree usually had thorns and held very close ties to the Celtic shaman, as it was used while undergoing magical transformations in Otherworldly journeys.

Ironically, reflecting the apple’s thorny beginnings, we may be in for a new apple choice, as the USDA has just Ok’d GMO Arctic Apples for public consumption.  The better choice in this case would be eating only organic apples and apple products.  Because the US does not require companies to label GMO’s, the unaware American consumer will soon play guinea pig to this latest food experiment.

Designed for cosmetic purposes, these new GMO apples have their own magical transformation that eliminates the natural browning process when cut or eaten.

Although seemingly harmless, scientists believe that  browning may play an important role in stemming off apple pests and disease.  Another danger is that this non-browning apple will mask fruit decay; what looks to be fresh may actually be rotten.  Other far-reaching consequences may include apple growers needing to add costly protection against cross-contamination and foreign markets not wanting to purchase future apple crops.

Year of the Chinese Green Wood Horse

Monday, January 6th, 2014

January 30th marks the day for the US Chinese New Year in 2014 and the year of the Green Wood Horse. Unlike our own New Year’s Day, the Chinese one is not celebrated on the same day every year. Instead, based on a Lunar calendar, it falls on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

The first Chinese New Year began in 2600 BC, when Emperor Huang Ti first invented the complex, sixty year Jikkan Junishi calendar composed of ten heavenly stems based on the principal of yin/yang, and the five elements of wood, earth, metal, fire, and water, and the twelve earthly branches based on animals. The year of the Green Wood Horse in 2014 is the thirty first year in the sixty-year cycle.

Green is the color of fertility and compliments the actions of the Wood Horse as it brings in opportunities with travel, fitness, socializing and leadership. The year of the Wood Horse marks a time of high energy and production, decisive action, surprising romance, unexpected adventure, and general good luck.  Because events move very quickly, you want to be sure you are moving in the right direction before you take off.  Adaptability is the key here, tempered by reliability and steadiness.

With head strong Wood Horse we also need to lookout for extreme fluctuations in the global economy and civil unrest in many areas of the world.

Ingenious Solar Project in India

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Everytime we turn on the news in our country, it instantly feels like we are all doomed.  However there are countless, really positive projects going on all over the world, and here’s one of them.

India is in the process of converting their country to Solar Power by covering their canal system with solar panels.  This ingenious idea creates clean fuel for electricity, while staving off constant water evaporation; thus providing an extra irrigation capacity to India’s farmlands.

The Indian government projects that in the next 50 years 85,000km will be completed.  Meanwhile, 2,200 mega watts of electricity are being produced by 19,000km of covered canals.

How is this possible? …In India there exists an atmosphere of cooperation and progressive thinking between the government agency that owns and maintains the canal system and Sun Edison, the power company that is now building the new electricity grid.