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Oldest Known Writing System

Friday, February 28th, 2014

By studying sacred geometry and astronomical phenomena, prehistoric man excelled in how to track noteworthy celestial events. A new discovery by Dr. Derek Cunningham suggests that these early scientific endeavors may also have spawned the first known writing system called proto-writing.  Dating from 200,000 – 400,000 years ago, recurring line notations and angles have been discovered on numerous tally stones, bones and clay statues.

An excellent example of this can be found on two ancient female figurines, dated 25,000 years apart, with matching lunar astronomical markings.  Because identical notations have been found on objects from Scotland, Europe, Africa and China, researchers believe a world-wide lunar religion may have once existed in ancient times.


Courtesty of 
Midnight Science Journal


Green Smoothies & Your Health

Friday, February 28th, 2014

These days Green Smoothies are all the rage and are promoted as one of the best things you can do for your health because they are made of 40% leafy greens, 60% fruit and often times extra nutritious additions such as hemp protein, chia or flax seeds, coconut oil, raw cacao powder and/or spirulina. And if you have a winter garden you can just go outside and pluck your fresh greens.

This power packed drink, chock full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fiber promises to be a healthy addition to your diet…or does it?  According to both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, drinking a green smoothie may have just the opposite effect on your body when consumed regularly over a long period of time.


Detrimental Factors of Green Smoothies

 Coldness ~ According to Chinese medicine, cold beverages, especially the first thing in the morning can destroy kidney yin, thus depleting our core vitality. Ayruvedic medicine teaches us that regular intake this type of food may aggravate our Vata causing a cold, rough, and dryness in body constitution, promoting symptoms such as variable energy, poor circulation, endocrine disorders, anxiety, or pain in our joints.

Depletes Ojas ~ According to Ayruvedic medicine aggravated Vata is also associated with the breaking down of all bodily tissues. Initially, the releasing of enormous energy makes us feel energetic, however over time our bones, marrow, nerve and reproductive systems can become depleted, effecting our immune systems and helping us become susceptible to auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue and other health issues.

Difficult to Digest ~ The large quantity of ingredients in a green smoothie makes it heavy and hard to digest, especially if you add super foods such as chia/flax seeds, hemp protein or coconut oil.

High in Oxalates ~ Greens are high oxalate foods and over time may help serious health issues to develop such as kidney stones.


The important thing to remember is that moderation is the key! Although green smoothies may initially be a great addition to your diet, actually reversing some health problems, you need to listen carefully to your body and know when it’s time to slow down consumption or stop drinking them entirely.

Inspiration For Us All!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Watch this very inspiring 9 minute TED talk by Amy Purdy who has surmounted incredible life circumstances.  Her phenomenal spirit conquers mind-boggling odds, while helping her understand that life is not dictated by what happens to us, but by our attitudes and the choices we make after they happen.  She teaches us to live beyond our comfort zone to escape limitations and exceed our wildest dreams in life.

Please take the time and watch this extraordinary young woman give you and your life inspiration.
You won’t be bored for one second!

Healing Prayer for the World’s Oceans

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Since the beginning of the New Year Fukushima’s continuing destruction to our air and water has been on people’s minds, as I receive a steady flow of concerned emails from friends and acquaintances with links to various websites portraying the devastation this nuclear disaster is having on our environment.

This past Fall alarmed Native American elders from many North and South American tribes banded together in council to help “restore peace, harmony and balance for our collective future and for all living beings.”  In doing so, they emphasized that we all need to form groups to pray for and visualize healthy oceans free of radiation and other types of pollution.

This request will make perfect sense to those of you who are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s ground breaking work on observing the physical effects words, prayers, and music have on the crystalline structure of water.

If you are unfamiliar with these experiments here is a bit of background. Dr. Emoto exposed water to different words, word phrases, and music, froze the same water samples and then hired photographers to take pictures of their crystalline structures. The results were incredible!  Water samples that were exposed to nice words and feelings such as love, compassion and forgiveness formed beautiful crystals and samples bombarded with phrases like “I hate you” or heavy metal music formed distorted and ugly crystals.


Here are some examples.




I encourage you all to form as many prayer groups as possible to help restore the health of our oceans.  My friend Barbara Janeway is sponsoring such a group every Thursday evening at 7pm at the Oasis in Carrboro, NC.  Let’s join together and help heal our beautiful planet!

Astrology Update ~ February 2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

We begin the month with Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde on February 6th until the end of the month.  Time to contemplate your old worn out patterns in a truthful, and objective way, so when Mercury goes direct at the end of the month you can release them with ease and move forward.

When Mercury retrograde returns to Pisces on February 12, it’s a good time to work on sharpening your intuition and creative visualization.

A complex Full Moon occurs on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 26° 13′ Leo at 6:53 pm EST, with two T squares (Uranus square Pluto/Jupiter, Pluto opposing Jupiter and Saturn square Sun/Moon and Sun/Moon opposition), a Grand Cross (Nodal opposition, plus Mars opposing S.Node and Jupiter opposing Pluto), two conjunctions (Venus/Pluto & Sun/Mercury), Moon/Mercury opposition, two trines (Mars/Sun & Mars/Mercury), and a sextile (Mars/Moon).

With this chaotic mix of energy, quiet time or date with your sweetie may not go as planned.  Plan for the unexpected in all realms!!  And try not to push your thoughts and feelings on your loved one.  This is a time to take the high road in all things to walk the maze of life and come out unscathed.  Practice patience, compassion, self-discipline, honor, and thoughtfulness. With lots of energy to carry out actions to completion, if you stay in this frame of mind and emotion, it may be a good evening to finish a project.

When the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18th, try to stay focused while working with this mellow sign’s spiritual energy.

The spiritual vibe continues with a Sun/Neptune conjuction on February 23rd.  Plug into Divine inspiration for all artistic endeavors during the next few days.

On February 24th, Jupiter/Uranus square for nine weeks, shifts you out of conventional patterns, and brings sudden, unexpected opportunities.  Watch out for impulsive excess and grandiose schemes.  This is not a good time for speculation, for unforeseen events may nullify your efforts and you may loose instead of gain.

We end this interesting month with Mercury going direct on February 28th.  Time to move forward with new projects and endeavors.


Kundalini ~ What is it?

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Kundalini is a potent spiritual force that lies dormant in each one of us, and is usually awakened with advanced, spiritual maturity, after sufficient time/study/focus to cleanse your body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.  This lengthy purification process is essential because any blockages remaining in your physical and/or energetic bodies, will stop the flow of Kundalini and cause painful problems.

Historically, this spiritual process was hidden from laypeople through hard to find ancient, symbolic coding, and advanced spiritual teachings originally developed for royalty and spiritual adepts.

Today, however, you could say the knowledge of Kundalini has come out of the closet, as Gurus from India have brought these once secret teachings to the West in the form of Yoga, meditation, pranayama and other forms of spiritual study.

Physiology of Kundalini

Dormant, Kundalini lies as a coiled serpent between our Base and Second chakras. However once activated, it relies upon the nadis, a subtle energy system, to carry it up the spine toward the crown chakra.  Although the Shushuma nadi is the primary channel for awakened Kundalini, the Ida (cooling, feminine) and Pingala (warming, masculine) nadis are important too, as they wind around our chakras, bringing life force to our nervous system, while balancing and preparing us for our Kundalini experience.


 Results of a Kundalini Awakening


Higher Consciousness

Transpersonal Consciousness

Regeneration of Your Physical Body

Experiencing Oneness

Awarenrss of Life’s Subtleties

Need for Meaning & Purpose


Kundalini can be safely awakened through a Guru or teacher’s spiritual transmission or over time through spiritual practices such as Yoga and meditation.  However always remember, that although Kundalini travels through subtle energy channels, once activated, it is a force to be reckoned with and can wreck havoc to the uninitiated.

Extinct Judea Date Palm grown from 2,000 Year Seed

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

In 2005, research biologist, Elaine Solowey, decided to see if she could grow the then extinct Judea Date Palm from 2,000 year old seeds found at the ancient mountain fortress of Masada in Israel.

After soaking the seeds in warm water, prepping them with growth and rooting hormones, and then planting them in enzyme rich fertilizer, Dr. Solowey was amazed to see shoots coming up after only five weeks.

 With such vitality, it’s easy to see why the  Judea Date Palm was called The Tree of Life and  Date Bearing Phoenix.  Still thriving today, this resurrected date palm is bearing flowers, and researchers are hoping it is a female tree that will produce fruit.
 Known for a host of medicinal properties the Judea Date Palm was once at the heart of the region’s local economy.  Both the Bible and Quran site its mundane uses of food, shelter, shade, and good fortune, plus its healing virtues for disease, infection, and contraception.

However, after conquering the region in 70AD, Roman legions destroyed these valuable trees to crush resistance and control the local economy.

Judea Date Palm

Archeological Discovery: Stone Age Tunnels Found Throughout Europe

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

For thousands of years world mythology has filled our heads with notions of underworld civilizations.  Yet, with recent archeological discoveries encompassing a huge underground network of Stone Age tunnels, we may decide these ideas to be more fact than fiction.  To their great surprise, archeologists have found this 12,000 year-old tunnel system to span the entire region of Europe; from Scotland to Turkey.

Although most of the tunnels are only large enough to enable a slim person to crawl through, many passages open to small rooms, storage chambers and seating areas.   Perplexed as to their original purpose, researchers have proposed that they may have provided safe travel and protection from adverse weather conditions, wars, or predators.