Astrology Update ~ March 2014

You would think that Mercury turning Direct on February 28 would signal us to focus attention on moving forward with new projects; however, not so!  When Mars turns retrograde on March 1 for three months, we will again need take time to move inward, reflecting on previous actions and finding new ways to re-channel our energy into fresh ideas for productive outlets, or run the risk of seeing our plans backfire or loose momentum.

Mars turning retrograde also coincides with the first New Moon in March, 10°39’ Pisces at 3:00 am EST.  Here we have a stellium of Sun/Moon/Chiron/Neptune all conjunct in Pisces, trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto, along with Mars conjunct the N.Node.   Once again there is a tremendous push toward opening the flood-gates into the new paradigm.  Lot’s of energy for spiritual development, sensitivity to others, Divine inspiration, altruism and working for the good of community.  It’s also time to regenerate and release old emotional patterns to make way for new ones based on love.

We are challenged with a T-square (Jupiter opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus), to be practical and consistent in our actions and not force our beliefs on others. Mars square Venus reminds us not to use others for sexual gratification and Venus sextile Saturn, Neptune trine Jupiter teaches us to be loyal to loved ones and remember to use discrimination in all spiritual matters.

On March 5 when Venus moves into Aquarius, watch for an impersonal yet friendly outlook on life, sudden and unusual romantic attractions, mental stimulation and a need for social freedom.

Moving Direct on March 6, Jupiter allows our awareness to move outward toward more spiritual work, study & research and apply our personal integrity in the world to attract new opportunities.

The Full Moon arrives on March 16, at 26°02’ Virgo, 1:08pm EDT.  Here we are graced with a slew of quincunxes (Sun/Mars, Moon/Mercury, Venus/Jupiter) that teach us overcome our fear of rejection, think independently, be less judgmental, accept love into our lives, and be discerning about generosity.

Squares, Mercury/Saturn, Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto/Uranus, and opposition of Jupiter/Pluto, challenge us with catalytic change, erratic energy spurts, worry, being narrow-minded and being tempted in using dishonorable practices to get what you want.

Easy trines (Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars, Venus/Uranus Jupiter/Neptune), and Sun/Moon sextile help us go with the flow.  Be prepared to using your resources wisely, an abundance of mental energy for serious study, boundless imagination, having fun!, patience and practicality.

March 17 signals Mercury moving into Pisces, where fluctuating emotions may create vacillating decisions, and our thinking may be easily influenced by the suggestion of others.

The Vernal Equinox takes place on March 20 when the Sun moves into Aires.  Time to move forward with initiating force, but be careful to also listen to the advise of others to avoid unforeseen difficulties.

We end the month with the second New Moon on March 30, 9°59’Aires 2:45pm EDT that boasts a stellium in Aries (Sun/Moon/Uranus conjunct, plus N.Node) that helps us to maintain movement into untried realms of experience, work with higher frequencies, intuition, and imagination.  However, watch out for sudden & unusual mood changes.

The Mercury/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Pisces supports our spiritual healing and development with vivid imagination, awareness of our unconscious mind, and being receptive to telepathy and prophetic insight.

With Sun/Moon squaring Jupiter/Pluto, conjoining Uranus we must be careful not to promise more than we can deliver, be discerning in generosity, be steady in purpose, and not be forceful and domineering with others.

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