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Oldest Known Writing System

Friday, February 28th, 2014

By studying sacred geometry and astronomical phenomena, prehistoric man excelled in how to track noteworthy celestial events. A new discovery by Dr. Derek Cunningham suggests that these early scientific endeavors may also have spawned the first known writing system called proto-writing.  Dating from 200,000 – 400,000 years ago, recurring line notations and angles have been discovered on numerous tally stones, bones and clay statues.

An excellent example of this can be found on two ancient female figurines, dated 25,000 years apart, with matching lunar astronomical markings.  Because identical notations have been found on objects from Scotland, Europe, Africa and China, researchers believe a world-wide lunar religion may have once existed in ancient times.


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Midnight Science Journal


Kundalini ~ What is it?

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Kundalini is a potent spiritual force that lies dormant in each one of us, and is usually awakened with advanced, spiritual maturity, after sufficient time/study/focus to cleanse your body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.  This lengthy purification process is essential because any blockages remaining in your physical and/or energetic bodies, will stop the flow of Kundalini and cause painful problems.

Historically, this spiritual process was hidden from laypeople through hard to find ancient, symbolic coding, and advanced spiritual teachings originally developed for royalty and spiritual adepts.

Today, however, you could say the knowledge of Kundalini has come out of the closet, as Gurus from India have brought these once secret teachings to the West in the form of Yoga, meditation, pranayama and other forms of spiritual study.

Physiology of Kundalini

Dormant, Kundalini lies as a coiled serpent between our Base and Second chakras. However once activated, it relies upon the nadis, a subtle energy system, to carry it up the spine toward the crown chakra.  Although the Shushuma nadi is the primary channel for awakened Kundalini, the Ida (cooling, feminine) and Pingala (warming, masculine) nadis are important too, as they wind around our chakras, bringing life force to our nervous system, while balancing and preparing us for our Kundalini experience.


 Results of a Kundalini Awakening


Higher Consciousness

Transpersonal Consciousness

Regeneration of Your Physical Body

Experiencing Oneness

Awarenrss of Life’s Subtleties

Need for Meaning & Purpose


Kundalini can be safely awakened through a Guru or teacher’s spiritual transmission or over time through spiritual practices such as Yoga and meditation.  However always remember, that although Kundalini travels through subtle energy channels, once activated, it is a force to be reckoned with and can wreck havoc to the uninitiated.

Archeological Discovery: Stone Age Tunnels Found Throughout Europe

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

For thousands of years world mythology has filled our heads with notions of underworld civilizations.  Yet, with recent archeological discoveries encompassing a huge underground network of Stone Age tunnels, we may decide these ideas to be more fact than fiction.  To their great surprise, archeologists have found this 12,000 year-old tunnel system to span the entire region of Europe; from Scotland to Turkey.

Although most of the tunnels are only large enough to enable a slim person to crawl through, many passages open to small rooms, storage chambers and seating areas.   Perplexed as to their original purpose, researchers have proposed that they may have provided safe travel and protection from adverse weather conditions, wars, or predators.

Ancient Nebra Sky Disc

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Found by looters in 1998, the Nebra Sky Disc portrays the oldest known depiction of astronomical data in the world.  After being impounded by German police in 2002 the disc underwent scrupulous scientific investigation to verify its authenticity and is now on permanent exhibition in the German State Museum of Prehistory.   Researchers believe that this piece of antiquity dates back to 3600 years ago and depicts both astronomical and mythical information about the celestrial ocean.

Portraying the Sun, Moon, Pleiades star grouping, and golden arcs that symbolize the horizon, the Nebra Sky Disk enabled the ancients to pinpoint solstice sunrise and sunset.

When seen as a dome, the sky disc reflects the ancient belief that the heavens were stretched over the earth, where the horizon casts a boundary for visible life and invisible myth.

Nebra Sky Disc

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Ancient Lunar Calendar Found in Scotland

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Archaeologists working in Aberdeenshire, Scotland have recently uncovered a 10,000 year-old ancient lunar calendar. Composed of twelve large pits resembling phases of our Moon, it also aligns with land outcrops to mark the winter solstice. This exciting discovery gives new evidence that Mesolithic man was more advanced than previously thought.

By positioning their calendar with the land, these ancient people were able to recalibrate it for accuracy with the sun every year, thus enabling them to keep track of the lunar cycles and seasons.

Geophysical evidence suggests that the pits were well maintained for thousands of years, and helped these ancient hunter-gatherers to know when game would migrate into and out of their territory.


How the Lunar Calendar works



Ancient Wari Tomb Found Unlooted in Peru

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Spanning the years of 600 – 1000 AD, the immense, Wari Empire flourished and ruled a vast expanse of Peru.  However, not much is known of this great kingdom because looters have confiscated and destroyed most of their cultural artifacts.  However, using aerial photography and geophysical imaging, archeologists have recently located and excavated the first unlooted, subterranean Wari tomb, enabling them to uncover three Wari Queens, as well as, 1,000+ items of interest, such as beautifully painted pottery, inlaid gold and silver jewelry, bronze ritual axes, a rare alabaster cup, and coca leaf containers.

Because the Incas modeled their great cities on the Wari culture, the archeologists are hoping to find clues that link these two civilizations.

Wari Empire

Segmented Sleep Patterns of our Ancestors

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Did you know that the sleeping habits of our ancestors were different than our own today?  With the lack of electricity and street lamps, people had 2 nightly sleep cycles.  The first one lasted 3-4 hours. Then upon waking, people would get up and be active for 1-2 hours and then fall back to sleep until morning; a 12 hour cycle in all.

This phenomena was first rediscovered by Professor Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech in 1990, after doing copious research of past literature, court documents, and personal papers.

For those of you interested in learning more, you can read his book

At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past.


6,000 Year Old Cave Painting Found in US

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

After exploring 1000 caves in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and West Virginia, the multidisciplinary Cave Archaeology Research Team (CART), led by Dr. Jan F. Simek, professor of Science & Anthropology at the University of Tennessee has found over 44 above ground petroglyphs and 50 dark zone cave paintings ranging in age from 500 to 6000 years old. (Dark zones in caves are where there is no light and the temperature remains constant.)

A monumental discovery, many of these paintings often depict a shamanic cosmology consisting of three worlds (upper, middle & lower) representing a multidimensional realm of Spirit and a potential for spiritual growth.

Represented by celestial bodies, forces and mythic figures that influenced humanity in many ways, the Upper World was often drawn in red ocher while ordinary plants, animals and people symbolized the Middle World.  Marked by fish and birds the Lower Realms showed that it was possible to re-emerge from the under world after transformation and renewal.

Dr. Simke and his colleagues feel that the cliff and cave art are somehow connected.  Other images discovered depict mythological images such as serpents and circles or humans engaged in hunting and magical activities.


Mythic Walking

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Mythic Walking occurs when symbolic meaning is perceived in the surrounding, natural topography.  Here, cliffs and mountains resembling faces or animals relate ancient indigenous myth, while connecting us to spirit of place.

Journeying through symbolically charged landscapes enabled first peoples to understand who they were as a tribe, where their culture came from, and where it was going.  In this way they were able to merge with the living land where resident spirits became their Gods and Goddesses.

Today, we too can honor this ancient rite of Mythic Walking by navigating sacred territories through meditation or spiritual quest. By merging with the landscape, we can awaken to the spirits that be, while leaving an invisible footprint upon the Earth.

Lessening Our Carbon Footprint by Greening Deserts

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

While filming a story on Chinese farming practices several years ago, cameraman John D. Liu stumbled upon a series of techniques that transformed barren wasteland into tracks of green oasis. So inspired by his discovery, he decided to dedicate his life assisting third world nations such as Rwanda, Ethiopia and Jordon, in restoring and revitalizing over grazed desert in only three to five years!

Using fencing for domestic, grazing animals, planting trees and building mesas, these countries have returned fertility to the land and given their people food security.

According to Mr. Liu, renewal occurs when people have a fundamental understanding of how eco systems work and having a balance between hydrology and vegetative life.

He feels that we need to shift our belief system away from valuing goods and services to valuing the natural world of trees, water, plant and animal diversity, because when our source of wealth is based on products derived from the land, and not the land itself, it’s inevitable that environmental challenges will develop. Instead, Mr. Lui feels we need to base our wealth on breathing clean air, drinking clear water, being happy, and living in nature.

He states, “If we were to restore all of the land on Earth that has been degraded, we would put a huge dent in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Living soils retain 3X more carbon than the foliage above the ground.”

 Watch this remarkable film about John D. Liu’s work on revitalizing desert into fertile, sustainable and functional land now.