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Kundalini ~ What is it?

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Kundalini is a potent spiritual force that lies dormant in each one of us, and is usually awakened with advanced, spiritual maturity, after sufficient time/study/focus to cleanse your body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.  This lengthy purification process is essential because any blockages remaining in your physical and/or energetic bodies, will stop the flow of Kundalini and cause painful problems.

Historically, this spiritual process was hidden from laypeople through hard to find ancient, symbolic coding, and advanced spiritual teachings originally developed for royalty and spiritual adepts.

Today, however, you could say the knowledge of Kundalini has come out of the closet, as Gurus from India have brought these once secret teachings to the West in the form of Yoga, meditation, pranayama and other forms of spiritual study.

Physiology of Kundalini

Dormant, Kundalini lies as a coiled serpent between our Base and Second chakras. However once activated, it relies upon the nadis, a subtle energy system, to carry it up the spine toward the crown chakra.  Although the Shushuma nadi is the primary channel for awakened Kundalini, the Ida (cooling, feminine) and Pingala (warming, masculine) nadis are important too, as they wind around our chakras, bringing life force to our nervous system, while balancing and preparing us for our Kundalini experience.


 Results of a Kundalini Awakening


Higher Consciousness

Transpersonal Consciousness

Regeneration of Your Physical Body

Experiencing Oneness

Awarenrss of Life’s Subtleties

Need for Meaning & Purpose


Kundalini can be safely awakened through a Guru or teacher’s spiritual transmission or over time through spiritual practices such as Yoga and meditation.  However always remember, that although Kundalini travels through subtle energy channels, once activated, it is a force to be reckoned with and can wreck havoc to the uninitiated.

The Path of Surrender

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Extremely yin in nature, the Path of Surrender is often misunderstood as giving up, or failing in life.  Instead, this action releases our need for struggle and suffering. moving us toward a state of Grace, where everything we need simply flows toward us within an abundant sea of synchronicity.

As more of us fully commit to pursuing Ascension and walking closer to the Divine in all facets of our life, the spiritual Path of Surrender may become an essential way to be.  Through cultivating compassion, understanding, and higher consciousness our next natural step of spiritual development may become acquiescing to Divine source for guidance in all facets of our lives. Then with trust and open heart we gladly walk toward the Spiritual Path of Surrender.

Have Your Senses Become More Acute?

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Since we have stepped over the threshold into the 5th World many of you may have begun experiencing subtle or dramatic changes to your senses.  Do not be alarmed as this is simply how your body is adjusting to the intense higher frequencies currently bombarding our planet.

If you are finding that loud noise like babies crying, dishes clanking, background sound in restaurants or even some people’s voices hurt your ears and nervous system; you can find relief by using earplugs.  Or perhaps your hearing has expanded to include psychic sounds such as telephone ringing before it actually rings, faint voices in a quiet background, or celestial music and singing.  No, you’re not going crazy!  These are simply indications that you are opening to higher dimensions.

Likewise, you may begin to see things from the corner of your eyes, colors or auric fields around people, plants, animals or even inanimate objects.  Or you may find yourself avoiding crowds, certain types of food and odors.

When these changes occur it is very important to listen to your body and accommodate its needs.  Remember, the shift happening now requires that we become more sensitive to our own subtle nuances, as well as our surroundings.

The best way to work with these changes is simply to go with the flow and not resist.  Becoming more consistent with meditation or yoga regimes will help your body realign smoothly.  Sound attunements via crystal bowls or chanting may also help, as well as periodic energy attunements.

Sacred Walking

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Sacred Walking is an ancient, traditional form of walking meditation that teaches us to slow down and touch the land with our senses.  Here we can discover the rhythms of nature, plus sights, sounds, smells and stillness that would normally be lost to us by scurrying along the path.

When our walk becomes laced with Divine purpose and pilgrimage, the visible and invisible touch, allowing us to create a journey where process and destination open us to spiritual experience and enlightenment.

Sacred Walking is open to anyone who wants to reconnect with Nature, Walk in Beauty and form Right Relationship with All Our Relations.


Instructions for Sacred Walking
  • Use your intuition to find a path in the woods, park or other natural site to walk.
  • Walk consciously, slowly, and deliberately.
  • Tune into the subtle magnetism of nature; sites, smells, sounds.  Feel the air caress your body or how it feels when you touch a tree or plant.
  • If you are familiar with the terrain, notice something new.
  • Be perceptive and sensitive to any shifts in your consciousness.
  • How does this route change during different daylight hours or evening?
  • Journal about your findings.

Darshan With Mother Meera

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The second mystical experience happened in the late ‘90’s sometime after my return from Great Britain.  The Guardians told me they wanted me to smoke a pipe to help me release a part of my ego that was preventing me from moving forward in my inner work.  As I began the ceremony, I spontaneously brought in Mother Meera, a living avatar who I had heard about, but never worked with.  As I began feeling like I was being pulled out of my body, I realized I had made a “mistake”, and I was very grateful when the pipe suddenly went out.

As I sat contemplating what had just happened, a vision of Mother Meera came to me and told me the best thing I could do, was to lie down.  As soon as I did, I felt her hands working on me and was plunged into a twilight dimension.  Not really asleep, but not really awake either.  There I stayed for a couple of hours as I went from one experience to another.  The most important one was in India, where Mother Meera gave me Darshan.  When I awoke, I had a split consciousness.  Part of it was in the heavenly realms looking down on myself in the room, and the other was still in my body.  It was a very odd experience and feeling that lasted probably a week, before becoming integrated into my Being.  The Guardians told me that she had brought me into a state of total

Self-actualization, which shifted my perception of reality forever.

Walking the Path of Surrender

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Back in the early ’90’s, when I was first beginning my spiritual healing practice, it was popular for practitioners to increase their clientele, by setting up shop in various cities, and working out of New Age bookstores.   This method seemed to be working for many people, so I too decided to give it a try.  It was really a lot of running around, but because it turned out to be fairly lucrative, I continued my monthly traveling route to and from the North Carolina cities of Raleigh,  Wilmington and Greensboro, for nearly two years.  I saw it as a win, win, win, situation, for the client, store and myself, and a great way to serve these communities.

In retrospect, I know now, how unwise it was to work on folks right off the street.   I never knew who I would be working on or what malady I would have to deal with.  Most clients were fine, but there were a few, that I would have been better off never meeting.  I am reminded of a young woman who had a black amoeba like energy,  stuck in her third eye.  My guides took one look at her and said sternly, “Step out of the room!  We will work on her ourselves.”  And then, “Don’t accept any money in exchange for this healing.  You don’t want anything connecting the two of you when she leaves.”  Well, I was young and inexperienced back then, what did I know?!

During that time I was also in the processes of educating myself through a four year apprenticeship in Native American healing and spirituality.  My teacher and I usually met a couple of times a week for our session work together, which usually consisted of discussions, profound healings, and sacred pipe ceremonies.  It was truly a transformative and educational time for me.  However, I was unprepared for what was soon to transpire during one of our healings.  Our time together started out fairly routinely, however, as soon as I lay down on the table, The Guardians of the Directions came and talked to me about my healing practice.  They said, ” You think you are serving others, but really you are only serving yourself!.  If you truly want to serve others, what you need to do is cancel all your appointments for the next month, and let us bring you people to work with.”

Well needless to say, I was in shock.  First of all, I really felt I was serving others, and never even entertained the thought that I was just serving my ego.  And there was absolute terror, at the thought of loosing all my hard won contacts, and having no income.  Did I really want to do as I was being asked?  Would the Guardians come through for me?  How committed was I to this path anyway?  It really threw me into a very profound, although short lived, Dark Night of the Soul.  Several days later, after much soul searching, I finally decided to follow the Guardian’s suggestions.  I cancelled everything on my calendar for the next 30 days, and thus, my path of surrender began.

The path of surrender, is extremely yin in nature, and little understood in our culture.  Most people are continually pushing and promoting themselves to get ahead.  In the path of surrender, all things that I need are simply brought to me by Spirit.  I live in a state of Grace.  Through the years, the Guardians of the Cardinal Directions, have become my most cherished companions, protectors, teachers, guides, and allies.   Although I have not surrendered my free will, I am always mindful of what I am being asked to do to serve humanity.