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Chinese Astrology ~ 2012, Year of the Black Water Dragon

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Chinese Astrology ~ Year of the Black Water Dragon

Celebrated since ancient times, this year’s Chinese New Year marks it’s 4,709th year of festivities. As the most important holiday in Chinese culture, the New Year is celebrated on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, and is a time for family reunions and delicious feasts. This year our new beginning started on January 23, 2012 (China time), and on the afternoon of January 22 in America.

The Chinese lunar calendar is cyclical and is based on 12 animals, each with their own significance, plus having the years organized by yin and yang, color and elements such as fire, air, earth and water. Unlike our western counterpart, the Chinese Dragon is always seen as Divine and beneficial. Although somewhat unpredictable, the dragon symbolizes auspiciousness, creativity, generosity, altruism and charitableness. Also seen as the spirit of change, the dragon can represent renewal and regeneration.

So what does our dragon have in store for us this year?

The Black (or yang) Water Dragon symbolizes great creativity on one side, and stormy weather on the other. The yang part of the equation could mean a year when money flows easily with high returns, if we take a lot of risks. And it can also mean that there may be many natural disasters. In contrast, Water tends to tone things down, like putting out a fire. It exudes calmness and empathy where it can heal Mother Earth’s temper, and help us to reap spiritual progress from cleansing and renewing our body, mind and spirit.

In fact, according to the Taoist perspective, your whole year’s fortune depends on how you begin it. They say it’s a time to purify yourself and become humble enough to receive the New Year’s energies. If you would like to find out what the Year of the Black Water Dragon means to you personally, click here. I found my reading to be very similar to my 2012 Solar Return chart.


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