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Hummingbird Totem

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I love sitting on my porch in the morning before the days heat sets in and communing with my garden and all the creatures who frequent it.  I particularly enjoy watching the hummingbirds forage my flowers for nectar with their little bodies darting around and hovering while they drink their fill.  As long as I’m still they don’t seem to mind me sitting and watching them.

The Hummingbird represents the sense of wonder and awe and show us how to sing out our joy as we go through our daily activities.  Like most flower visitors hummingbirds have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, as many flowers would not be here if it were not for their friendly pollinators. The hummingbird can help you find the sweetness in any life situation.  However, if this totem has entered your life, you may want to check your sugar intake.

It’s multi-colored iridescent body is associated with  rainbows and the Fairy Realm.  Take a hint from your hummingbird totem and learn how to play and not take things too seriously.