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Astrology Update ~ February 2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

We begin the month with Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde on February 6th until the end of the month.  Time to contemplate your old worn out patterns in a truthful, and objective way, so when Mercury goes direct at the end of the month you can release them with ease and move forward.

When Mercury retrograde returns to Pisces on February 12, it’s a good time to work on sharpening your intuition and creative visualization.

A complex Full Moon occurs on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 26° 13′ Leo at 6:53 pm EST, with two T squares (Uranus square Pluto/Jupiter, Pluto opposing Jupiter and Saturn square Sun/Moon and Sun/Moon opposition), a Grand Cross (Nodal opposition, plus Mars opposing S.Node and Jupiter opposing Pluto), two conjunctions (Venus/Pluto & Sun/Mercury), Moon/Mercury opposition, two trines (Mars/Sun & Mars/Mercury), and a sextile (Mars/Moon).

With this chaotic mix of energy, quiet time or date with your sweetie may not go as planned.  Plan for the unexpected in all realms!!  And try not to push your thoughts and feelings on your loved one.  This is a time to take the high road in all things to walk the maze of life and come out unscathed.  Practice patience, compassion, self-discipline, honor, and thoughtfulness. With lots of energy to carry out actions to completion, if you stay in this frame of mind and emotion, it may be a good evening to finish a project.

When the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18th, try to stay focused while working with this mellow sign’s spiritual energy.

The spiritual vibe continues with a Sun/Neptune conjuction on February 23rd.  Plug into Divine inspiration for all artistic endeavors during the next few days.

On February 24th, Jupiter/Uranus square for nine weeks, shifts you out of conventional patterns, and brings sudden, unexpected opportunities.  Watch out for impulsive excess and grandiose schemes.  This is not a good time for speculation, for unforeseen events may nullify your efforts and you may loose instead of gain.

We end this interesting month with Mercury going direct on February 28th.  Time to move forward with new projects and endeavors.


Astrology Update: October 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Chaos is afoot on October 3 when Uranus is closest to the Earth, so watch out for possible sudden reversals in events, relationships and situations.

Then on October 4 we have a doosie of a New Moon, 11° 56’ Libra at 8:35 pm EST.  Although the Sun and Moon are in Libra, this New Moon also has a water emphasis that includes a Stellium in Scorpio (Mercury, N.Node, Saturn, Venus, with Mercury/N.Node/Saturn conjunct, along with a Mars/Venus square. 

Remember that New Moons are seeding times for new energies and thought forms and sets the pace for the following two-week period.  Although this one has a decidedly conservative tone, we can try and stay positive while introducing small steps forward in the new paradigm.  Be careful in relationships for old smoldering issues can be brought to the surface with passion, yet, volatility.

This New Moon also has a Grand Cross to contend with.  With both the Sun and Moon opposing Uranus, watch for extreme sensitivity, independence, nervousness, and emotional instability, in yourself and others, while the Pluto/Jupiter opposition emphasizes a procuring of wealth & power in unscrupulous ways.

Luckily things will be tempered a bit when Venus moves into Sagittarius for four weeks.  Although traditional moral structures will prevail, this placement will also be spiritually oriented, friendly and sociable.

The next day October 8 Mercury exactly conjoins Saturn; the first of three times over the next six weeks.  Look for foresightedness in planning, and hard work, but be careful not to let worry, depression, or obstacles to new ideas take hold.

A good time for networking and social activities takes place on October 14 with a Sun/Moon trine.  This is a good time to introduce new ideas and have them approved by those that count.

Then on October 18 we have a Full Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, 25° 51’ Aires at 7:38 pm EST, where the energies of the Scorpio stellium come to a peak. (N.Node/Saturn/Mercury/Part of Fortune, all conjunct, with Mercury and POF being exact)  Although Venus is no longer a part of this, with an Aires Moon in opposition, watch for unbridled independence, and an emotional, impulsive nature. Denoting a time of change, this eclipse will pack a punch because most of the world will be in viewing range.

The following day, October 19, watch for surfacing repressed desires and actions when Mars opposes Neptune.

Then its time to put new projects and contracts on hold when Mercury goes Retrograde on Oct. 21 until Nov. 10

And we end our turbulent month on a positive note on Oct 23 when the Sun moves into Scorpio and trines the Moon in Cancer.  Look for emotional optimism in all social encounters and relationships.

Astrology Update ~ June 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Be prepared this month for a relationship roll-a-coaster as Venus traverses Gemini, Cancer and Leo.  On June 2 Venus enters Cancer to focus on financial/domestic security, affection, and extremes in emotional sensitivity.   When Venus enters Leo on June 27, expect emotional stabilization along with an emphasis on creative endeavors, living life to it’s fullest, and craving the spotlight.

On June 3rd the heavens provide us with a Grand Trine of Mercury, Saturn, & Neptune helping us visualize and manifest our professional goals.  Then on June 7th when Neptune turns retrograde for six months, it’s time to enlighten/heal any hidden ideas, concepts and actualities that may be holding your spiritual enfoldment at bay.

On June 8th at 11:56 am EST we have the New Moon at 18º11’Gemini, boasting two rare Kite configurations.  The first one is composed of a  Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn and Venus, Part of Fortune sextile Saturn and Venus, and Neptune opposing the Part of Fortune.  Remembering the Kite becomes the driving focus of the chart, look for an emphasis on being altruistic toward others, plus artistic endeavors.

The second Kite is composed of a Grand Trine with Chiron, N. Node and Mercury, N. Node sextile Chiron & Mercury, and Pluto opposing Venus and Mercury.  This is a time to heal and move forward by embracing paradoxes, writing, and gaining acceptance for your ideas.  Watch out, however, for the shadow side of this configuration that may leave you prone to confidentiality leaks and unwise decisions.

In addition, we also have Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini with the former three conjunct, making communication of all kinds a focus for this New Moon. Uranus square Mercury and Venus feed the shadow of the second Kite by providing impetus for impractical, snap ideas and relationships, without having foresight of truth or consequences.  In addition watch out for unconscious emotional desires with Neptune square Mars.

When the Sun stands still for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, it’s a good time to mirror this event by taking pause in your busy life to see how you want to improve it and proceed.

We have a rather benevolent Full Moon on June 23, 7:32am, EST at 2º 10′ Capricorn with a slew of trines and sextiles.  A Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn & Sun/Jupiter helps us accomplish our aims with the stock market, spirituality, organizing plans for our future and meditation.

Sextiles: Moon/Saturn, Neptune, Uranus/Mars, Pluto/N. Node enhance the Grand Trine by emphasizing organizational abilities for profession and home, hard work to accomplish tasks, psychic tendencies, and transforming our culture to serve the people. We finish the month with Jupiter moving into Cancer on June 25th for the rest of the year, Mercury turning Retrograde on June 26th until July 20th and Venus moving into Leo on June 27th.

Astrology Update: February 2013

Friday, February 1st, 2013
Astrological shifts begin the month on February 1st with Mars entering Pisces and Venus entering Aquarius: an interesting mix of two very different energies. Watch out for erupting suppressed anger and strong unconscious emotions with Mars, while Venus brings us an impersonal, though friendly outlook on life, and a need for freedom in relationships.

Mercury enters Pisces on February 5th helping us enhance our intuitions, and imagination. However, watch out for fluctuating emotions and vacillating  decision-making.

On February 10th at 2:20 am EST the New Moon joins Venus and the Sun in Aquarius at 21º43′, while four other planets (Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron) are in Pisces.  With this type of stellium it would be easy to assume that this New Moon will be a bed of Roses for spiritual development in mankind. However, the multitude of aspects suggests that a conscious choice must be made and reflects that dualism still prevails.

It’s time to review or assess your accomplishments, while curtailing new projects as Saturn moves retrograde on February 18th and stays there for five months. Mercury joins this backward motion on February 23rd, going retrograde until March 17th.

We end the month with the Full Moon on February 25th at 3:26 pm EST, 7º24′ Virgo, featuring a grand stellium of five planets in Pisces. (Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mars, Mercury, with Venus at 29º Aquarius, displaying a bit of both signs)

 The major aspect here is an exact, mutable T square with Sun/Moon in opposition, square Jupiter that may bring crisis due to emotional excess and wanting to achieve too much, too fast. This is supported by the Mars/Mercury square that can bring arguments, irritation and an inclination to jump to conclusions and Moon opposing Neptune, helping you project your emotional confusion.

However, this Full Moon continues to reflect the theme of choice and duality with Sun/Venus conjunct Neptune, Sun trine Saturn, Pluto trine Moon and  sextile Sun. These aspects give us the option of communing with the Divine, spiritual love and understanding deeper levels of conscious, strength of will, power to do good, and emotional regeneration of self and environment.


About Your Astrologer… Barbara-Lynn Freed has studied and worked with astrology for over thirty years.  Her personal readings specialize in  discovering your Karmic issues, your Evolutionary Goals and your Life’s True Purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics.  For more information and to have your chart read, see her website.

Astrology Update: November 2012

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

We begin the month with Mercury turning retrograde at 6:04 pm EST on November 6, Election Day, until Nov. 25th. Because Mercury Retrograde is a time of delays and communication screw-ups, it will be very interesting to see how Election Day turns out. The last time this happened during a Presidential vote, Al Gore lost his win to George Bush.

We also have two Eclipses this month. The first one, a Total Solar Eclipse, conjoins the New Moon at  21º 57′ Scorpio, on Nov. 13th at 5:17 pm EST and can only be seen in northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean. Hold onto your hats with this very transformative Scorpio Solar Eclipse, as it may portend the restructuring of traditional cultural values, and concepts.

The close aspects of this month’s New Moon support this general outlook. Uranus quincunx Saturn promotes the theme of Freedom vs. Responsibility, helping us to confront authority, overcome restrictive tradition and take the time to effect change in our lives. The North Node conjunct Mercury, along with Neptune squaring the Node/Mercury reflects our struggle to maintain duality. However, Uranus trine Mercury gives us independent thinking outside of the status quo, while Neptune sextile Mars and trine Saturn help us heal, develop clairvoyance, meditation and insight. And finally, Pluto sextile Saturn gives us the opportunity to regenerate society and ourselves through the use of wisdom, discipline and hard work.

The second, a Full Moon, partial Lunar Eclipse occurs on Nov 28th at 9:33 am EST at 6º 40′ Gemini and can be seen in Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Asia. Communication will be in the forefront with our Gemini Moon, however, being quincunx to Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto, our emotions are in for a bumpy ride. Themes here deal with self-approval,  balancing action with consideration for others, and emotional maturity/rigidity. Saturn makes an uncomfortable situation even more so with a quincunx to Uranus, highlighting the theme of freedom vs. responsibility.

With Saturn conjunct Venus we need to be careful not to get down in the dumps. However, duality prevails with six sextiles that help lift us out of our emotional roller coaster.

Moon sextile Uranus helps us let go of the past, while opening to new opportunities, fun and excitement. Mars sextile Venus/Saturn adds harmony, endurance and practicality. Capping it off, hard work and discipline prevail with Pluto sextiling Venus/Saturn also giving us stability through regeneration.

And the Rest…

Neptune goes Direct on Nov 11th bringing in clarity of thought and helping you move forward with your worldly goals.

Venus moves into Scorpio on the 23rd – 17th Dec. heightening our sexual desires, passion and lower emotions in close relationships.

Mars moves into Capricorn Nov 18th – 27th Dec. giving us practicality, discipline along with professional ambition.


About Your Astrologer… Barbara-Lynn Freed has studied and worked with astrology for over thirty years.  Her personal readings specialize in  discovering your Karmic issues, your Evolutionary Goals and your Life’s True Purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics.  For more information and to have your chart read, see her website.

July 2012 Astrological Update

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

This month’s Full Moon on July 3rd 12° 14′ Capricorn is a mixed bag of energies where you may feel pulled in a lot of different directions.

Emotions are strong willed with Pluto conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun.  It’s a time to take risks and let those old emotional patterns die to make way for the new. But watch out for mood swings and exerting too much force in domestic situations.

Uranus adds unpredictability by squaring the Sun and Moon and trining Mars.  There’s added support here to release the old and bring in the new, but you need to be very careful traveling this 4th of July Holiday, as this combination also rules erratic behavior, unwise action, ill health and sudden accidents.

Jupiter mellows out some of this disagreeable energy by conjoining Venus, sextiling Mercury/Uranus and trining Mars. Look for feelings of altruism, optimism, and good karma.

When Uranus retrogrades on July 13th for the next five months, it will be a good time to, become attuned to the Universal Will, and discover deep, hidden insights that heal the past, so when Uranus turns direct on December 13, of this year, you will be better equipped to move forward unimpeded.

A day later, Mercury also retrogrades aiding us further in our inward quest. When this planet turns direct on Aug. 7th, you can resume contract signing and new undertakings.

Then on July 15th until the end of the month, Mars adds its energy to an already volatile Uranus/Pluto square  (Mars opposing Uranus/squaring Pluto). Expect radical change, explosive outbursts, and a conflict between your will and desires.

The New Moon at 26° 55′ Cancer on July 19th rounds out the month. Once again the theme of duality from past new and full moons is present. Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon giving rise to obstacles in self-expression in romance and profession, as well as, a lack of vitality and a  predisposition toward depression. However, with Jupiter sextiling Uranus we become more sensitive to new forms of spirituality, prophetic vision, optimism, altruism and unexpected luck. Jupiter also quincunxes Pluto and helps to moderate Saturn by putting things in perspective, analyzing potential and taking advantage of uncertainty.


Astrological Update ~ March 2012

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The Full Moon this month occurs on March 8th at 18 degrees Virgo and is very significant for it continues to set a backdrop for the opening and development of spiritual consciousness in ourselves, as well as the world.

Complexity is the theme here with a rare astrological configuration called a Grand Kite. This is composed of a Grand Trine (Moon/Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Venus/Jupiter in Taurus), an opposition of the Sun and Moon, and two sextiles (Neptune/Chiron in Pisces sextile to Pluto and Venus/Jupiter.)

This Full Moon configuration emphasizes the building of an inner foundation of peace and spiritual consciousness, while finding new solutions for solving old problems and emotional attachments. 

A few days after the Full Moon, Mercury goes Retrograde on March 12th and in the next three weeks will catalyze the still prominent Uranus/Pluto square three times.  It’s best to keep a low profile during this Mercury Retrograde and do your inner work.  You can spend time thinking about future projects, and goals, but do not act on them until Mercury turns Direct on April 4th.

On March 22nd the Spring Equinox and New Moon  occur as the Sun moves into Aries.  Complexity seems to be the norm this month as the Grand Kite is still prominent in the heavens, except the opposing planets that hold the Kite together have changed to Mars opposing Neptune and Chiron. Now we need to continue our inner work but focus the light towards any lingering anger issues and heal them.

To add to the mix, Sun/Moon/Uranus/Mercury Retrograde are all  conjunct in Aries and square Pluto.  This is a very powerful time of personal and global transformation.  However, we must be careful not to act too impulsively, for afterward we may regret our actions.  Look deeply within yourself to find the truth behind your issues and work on healing them. This configuration also tells us that as  individuals and as a collective, it’s imperative to align our heart, mind and soul with Mother Earth now and in the future.

The New Moon is usually a time of seeding and beginning new projects.  With Mercury Retrograde and Uranus in the mix, it may be best to simply gestate and gather new ways to implement your healing. Then in the next lunar cycle when Mercury is Direct, move forward with confidence and put your new ideas into action.

Sweet Pea and it’s Traditional Meaning

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

This year I’ve taken advantage of all the warm weather we are having and started working on preparing my garden site early.  This way when Mercury Retrograde comes around I’ll be finishing my project instead of beginning it.  A friend came over last week and helped me dig out the invading carpet of weeds and roots that made my garden space home for over a year.  A couple weeks under black plastic and my dirt patch will be ready for the spring planting of sweet peas.

Sweet pea has traditionally been used to find friendship, protect children and have good luck. Because of its wandering vines and fine tendrils, as a flower essence it is now taken to help wandering souls to ground, balance and harmonize with society, along with discovering their beautiful, unique talents and how to share them with others. With a delicate, feminine scent and flowers, Sweet Pea is associated with the Moon, innocence and chastity.

A great addition to anyone’s garden, Sweet Pea’s crunchy texture, and delicate flavor is good for stir fries, salads, and simply eaten off the vine.


About the Author…
 Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience in Shamanism and teaches a 3 year Shamanic apprenticeship called Resurrecting the Old Ways:  Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.  To find out more about this program and how to sign-up visit her website.

February 2012 ~ Astrology Update

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Continuing with our theme of the New Year, here’s a listing of when Mercury goes retrograde.

March 12 – April 4
July      14 – August 7
Nov.       6 – Nov. 26
Remember, these are times when it is best to meditate, take it easy and reflect.  It’s not a good time start new projects.  So plan your year accordingly.
Full moon in Leo at 18 degrees on Feb. 7th
Watch out on this Full Moon that you don’t get on an ego trip. With the Moon at 18 degrees Leo it’s full steam ahead with ambition, creative self-expression and leadership skills. But we need to be careful not to dominate others too much when we have the need to be admired and be the center of attention. If that were not enough, Mercury is conjoining the Sun in Aquarius and opposing the Moon. Although this combination can give us an easy flow of ideas and communication, it can also hinder objectivity of our behavior and how others see us.

 Although mental stamina and energy abound with the full moon, unconscious emotional patterns can distort our conscious thinking so we are not as clear or objective as usual. The word here is balance! It’s easy to make up for your fog and get emotional gratification by binging on food and spending money.

We are also dealing with the energy of Saturn on this day, as it goes Stationary Retrograde in Libra. For up to a week before and after Feb. 7th, your physical and emotional energy may feel heavy or stuck. You may feel pressured by authority figures, expectations and responsibilities that have cropped up. This is a time to use the Leo Full moon energy to develop courage to face any danger or difficulty in your life.

During the next four months while Saturn is Retrograde will be a time to rework and refine your goals and figure out how you will achieve them. It can also be a time to improve the way you deal with authority, expectations, obligations and discipline.

This month marks Neptune moving into Pisces. For the next fourteen years we should expect to see the advancement of spiritual awareness, providing more peace in the world. Many of us may develop clairvoyant faculties along with exalted forms of art and music. This month, there are also three other planets joining Neptune in Pisces. Chiron, there since January, Mercury on Feb. 15th and the Sun on Feb. 20th.   This is a good time to work on your spiritual advancement and brush up on your dream techniques.   The New Moon  also joins the Pisces gang on Feb 21st.

New Moon in Pisces at 2 degrees on 21st of February

Take the high road with this New Moon and begin a new pattern based on healing yourself and being sensitive to others. Use your now vivid imagination for poetry or the arts, and be kind and sympathetic to your friends. Try not to feel too vulnerable with all that Pisces energy, as Chiron, Sun, Moon  and Neptune are all conjunct.

This New Moon urges us to comprehend our beliefs, secrets and mysteries that lie hidden in our unconscious, so it’s a good time to explore your dreams. With Chiron in the mix, it’s also time to work on our individuality and heal any lingering wounds we may still have with our parents. This is a time for spiritual work and opening to the cosmic energies  pouring into the planet at this time. Don’t fret if it all seems too overwhelming. Simply spend some time alone to get grounded and all will be well.

Astrological Update: December 2011

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Remember, Mercury will continue to be retrograde until December 14th, so don’t start any new projects or sign contracts until after that date. Get ready for a dynamic day on December 10th that also holds far reaching affects with a Full Moon, total Lunar Eclipse, at 18 degrees Gemini.

Folks from Alaska, northern Canada, to Australia, New Zealand, and central and eastern Asia will be able to view the eclipse for it’s entire 51 minute duration. Viewers in most of North America and Hawaii will see the moon set still in eclipse, while people on the west coast of the US and Canada will see the beginning of totality just as the moon disappears below the horizon.

This eclipse will pack a punch on all types of communication, giving an assortment of mixed messages. Mercury retrograde and the lunar eclipse will try to blunt what we want to say, while Uranus moving direct on that day, will give birth to new, spontaneous ideas, opportunities and the spirit of adventure.  And the Full Moon in Gemini can give us a vacillating, although quick witted and resourceful thoughts.

Venus at 16 degrees Capricorn also forms a quincunx to the Moon and Eclipse at 18 degrees Gemini. This awkward aspect may exemplify our feelings of inadequacy with our values, appearance, relationships, and self-worth.  Also in the mix is Mars at 13 degrees Virgo squaring the Sun and Moon, adding impulsive behavior, emotional turmoil, independence, frustration and anger.

Whew! I think this is a good to stay out of trouble by staying in bed all day.

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year happens on December 21, and the New Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn occurs on Christmas Eve. Although this earthy moon favors practical activities, it will be conjunct (close together) to Pluto and square (challenge) to Uranus. Again watch out for your emotions and do your inner work as emotional depth, moodiness and emotional excitement abound.

And finally some good news! Christmas day Jupiter ends it’s four month retrograde period, marking the return of light, hope and optimism for the future