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Astrology Update ~ March 2014

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

You would think that Mercury turning Direct on February 28 would signal us to focus attention on moving forward with new projects; however, not so!  When Mars turns retrograde on March 1 for three months, we will again need take time to move inward, reflecting on previous actions and finding new ways to re-channel our energy into fresh ideas for productive outlets, or run the risk of seeing our plans backfire or loose momentum.

Mars turning retrograde also coincides with the first New Moon in March, 10°39’ Pisces at 3:00 am EST.  Here we have a stellium of Sun/Moon/Chiron/Neptune all conjunct in Pisces, trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto, along with Mars conjunct the N.Node.   Once again there is a tremendous push toward opening the flood-gates into the new paradigm.  Lot’s of energy for spiritual development, sensitivity to others, Divine inspiration, altruism and working for the good of community.  It’s also time to regenerate and release old emotional patterns to make way for new ones based on love.

We are challenged with a T-square (Jupiter opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus), to be practical and consistent in our actions and not force our beliefs on others. Mars square Venus reminds us not to use others for sexual gratification and Venus sextile Saturn, Neptune trine Jupiter teaches us to be loyal to loved ones and remember to use discrimination in all spiritual matters.

On March 5 when Venus moves into Aquarius, watch for an impersonal yet friendly outlook on life, sudden and unusual romantic attractions, mental stimulation and a need for social freedom.

Moving Direct on March 6, Jupiter allows our awareness to move outward toward more spiritual work, study & research and apply our personal integrity in the world to attract new opportunities.

The Full Moon arrives on March 16, at 26°02’ Virgo, 1:08pm EDT.  Here we are graced with a slew of quincunxes (Sun/Mars, Moon/Mercury, Venus/Jupiter) that teach us overcome our fear of rejection, think independently, be less judgmental, accept love into our lives, and be discerning about generosity.

Squares, Mercury/Saturn, Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto/Uranus, and opposition of Jupiter/Pluto, challenge us with catalytic change, erratic energy spurts, worry, being narrow-minded and being tempted in using dishonorable practices to get what you want.

Easy trines (Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars, Venus/Uranus Jupiter/Neptune), and Sun/Moon sextile help us go with the flow.  Be prepared to using your resources wisely, an abundance of mental energy for serious study, boundless imagination, having fun!, patience and practicality.

March 17 signals Mercury moving into Pisces, where fluctuating emotions may create vacillating decisions, and our thinking may be easily influenced by the suggestion of others.

The Vernal Equinox takes place on March 20 when the Sun moves into Aires.  Time to move forward with initiating force, but be careful to also listen to the advise of others to avoid unforeseen difficulties.

We end the month with the second New Moon on March 30, 9°59’Aires 2:45pm EDT that boasts a stellium in Aries (Sun/Moon/Uranus conjunct, plus N.Node) that helps us to maintain movement into untried realms of experience, work with higher frequencies, intuition, and imagination.  However, watch out for sudden & unusual mood changes.

The Mercury/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Pisces supports our spiritual healing and development with vivid imagination, awareness of our unconscious mind, and being receptive to telepathy and prophetic insight.

With Sun/Moon squaring Jupiter/Pluto, conjoining Uranus we must be careful not to promise more than we can deliver, be discerning in generosity, be steady in purpose, and not be forceful and domineering with others.

Astrology Update: January 2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The New Year comes in with a bang with two New Moons, the first one on New Year’s Day at 10° 57′ Capricorn,

6:14 am.  This lunation packs a punch with a close stellium in Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Pluto/Mercury) all within a 2° orb, plus Venus.  With this planetary/sign involvement it’s important to get some down time to have a clear picture of what is going on in your life and what you want to change in the coming year.  Try and get a grip on your emotions through meditation and by aligning your personal will with Divine will before working on manifesting what you want.

This New Moon also boasts a very volatile Grand Square (Mars square Sun/Moon, Mercury/Pluto/Jupiter, Jupiter square Uranus, Uranus square Sun/Moon, Mercury/Pluto) and  Grand Cross (Mars opposes Uranus, Jupiter opposing Sun/Moon/ Mercury/Venus/Pluto).  The next two weeks are not a good time to ask for a raise at your job, or get into it with your loved ones.  This is an excellent time to lay low, not rock the boat, not be over confident, or force yourself on others, for the energies have the potential of exploding in your face with violent outbursts, disputes over money/joint resources, accidents, sudden mood changes, impulsive excess, jumping to conclusions and people using force to get what they want.

On January 7th, a Grand Water Trine (Jupiter trine Saturn, trine Moon, trine Jupiter), tries smoothing things out by bringing in energies that are more cautious and conservative, honest, and altruistic

January 11th Mercury moves into Sagittarius helping us to open our minds to new experience and communion with the Universal Mind.

When the Full Moon arrives on January 15th at 25° 58′ Aquarius, 11:52 pm, the Grand Square & Grand Cross are still in the heavens. (Grand Square: Jupiter square Uranus square Pluto square Mars square Jupiter, Grand Cross: Jupiter opposing Pluto/Venus, & Uranus opposing Mars).  These configurations hold the same energies they had during the New Moon, however now they are tempered by Moon trine Saturn, trine Venus, Neptune trine N.Node, Neptune conjunct Chiron, Mercury sextile Neptune.  Here we have a choice.  Do we allow our lower emotions to rule, or do we move into spiritual understanding, inspiration, positive thinking, common sense, honesty, intuition, and altruism?

The Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19th bringing an emphasis on friendship, loyalty, brotherhood, collective endeavors, exchanging ideas, a need for freedom and fostering good will to all.

When Jupiter and Pluto begin opposing each other on January 26 for two weeks, be careful not to force your philosophies, spirituality or ideas on others.

The second New Moon arrives on January 30th, 10° 55’Aquarius at 4:39pm.  Here duality continues to reign, although with a lighter hand with Jupiter quincunx Sun/Moon, Uranus sextile Sun/Moon, Neptune conjoining Mercury, Pluto conjoining Venus, and Saturn square Mercury, Uranus square Pluto/Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter opposing Venus/Pluto.

Try not to get stuck in old patterns of worry, traditional thinking and gaining wealth and  recognition through power and greed.  We are called to let go of the past by learning compassion for others by developing a loving and enduring philosophy of life. We are also asked to be open to opportunities, develop new psychic skills, and be passionate towards life.  Be careful with new romantic encounters, as they probably won’t last.  With an undercurrent of restlessness, it may be a time for travel and adventure.

We end the month with Venus moving direct on January 31st, bringing a new focus on relationships, and Mercury moving into Pisces, enhancing our imaginations, intuition and sympathies for others.

Year of the Chinese Green Wood Horse

Monday, January 6th, 2014

January 30th marks the day for the US Chinese New Year in 2014 and the year of the Green Wood Horse. Unlike our own New Year’s Day, the Chinese one is not celebrated on the same day every year. Instead, based on a Lunar calendar, it falls on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

The first Chinese New Year began in 2600 BC, when Emperor Huang Ti first invented the complex, sixty year Jikkan Junishi calendar composed of ten heavenly stems based on the principal of yin/yang, and the five elements of wood, earth, metal, fire, and water, and the twelve earthly branches based on animals. The year of the Green Wood Horse in 2014 is the thirty first year in the sixty-year cycle.

Green is the color of fertility and compliments the actions of the Wood Horse as it brings in opportunities with travel, fitness, socializing and leadership. The year of the Wood Horse marks a time of high energy and production, decisive action, surprising romance, unexpected adventure, and general good luck.  Because events move very quickly, you want to be sure you are moving in the right direction before you take off.  Adaptability is the key here, tempered by reliability and steadiness.

With head strong Wood Horse we also need to lookout for extreme fluctuations in the global economy and civil unrest in many areas of the world.

Astrology Update: December 2013

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Although this month seems to be a mixed bag of energies, we begin it with an expansive New Moon at 10°59’Sagittarius, at 7:22 pm EST.  This Sun/Moon conjunction once again seeds new paradigm energies with a yin for freedom, adventure and a positive outlook on life.

The Uranus/Pluto square only one degree apart, attempts to rattle us to our core, however, look for transformation of traditional ideas, beliefs, as well as personal issues with Mercury/Saturn/N.Node in Scorpio. This is enhanced with a slew of trines (Uranus trine Sun/Moon, Mars trine Venus, Jupiter trine Saturn, Neptune trine N.Node), that gives spiritual insight, creativity in new experiences/enterprises, happiness in romance, common sense, integrity, farsightedness and being in tune with prevailing trends.  However, watch out in your haste to move forward for Mercury squaring Neptune that may help you forget the obvious, make errors, and wreck havoc in communications.

New Moon energies are boosted on December 4th with Mercury entering Sagittarius for three weeks; look for prophetic insight into social motivations and future events.

On December 7th Mars moves into Libra bringing in the need to socialize with others, while wanting to be appreciated and noticed.

December 9th brings us a feminine, water, Grand Trine, (Moon/Jupiter/Saturn) that gives us comfort, healing, altruism, generosity and the ability to create large scale tasks built upon our present emotional, domestic or societal foundations.

On December 17th the tide begins to shift with Full Moon 25°36’ Gemini at 4:28 am EST. Although the Saturn/Jupiter trine tries to keep things above board, all the Hard Aspects may have us wishing we had stayed in bed all day. (Mercury conjunct Sun/opposing Moon, Venus quincunx Moon, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Venus square N. Node, & Mars square Pluto)  Watch out for confusion, irritation and forcefulness in all relations with others, the need for approval, anger issues, the inability to listen to constructive criticism and possible violence. Although the N. Node is still in Scorpio we will have to work hard to get out of our lower emotions and transcend the cosmic spiral to Divine Light and Love.

When Uranus goes Direct on December 17th watch out for the unexpected to surface in yourself, the world and the earth.

Then on December 21st Winter Solstice is conjoined with Venus going Retrograde.  It’s time to take a breather from the Holiday rush to retreat and reassess your values/finances and celebrate the longest night of the year.

Mercury enters reserved, solemn and serious Capricorn on December 24th just in time to deal with a potentially volatile Christmas Day. On December 25th emotions flare with a slew of difficult aspects. Thanksgiving’s challenging T-square is back, along with the Moon squaring Sun/Mercury/Pluto, opposing Uranus, & conjoining Mars.  Conflict is inevitable with this combination, so watch out for old family issues to resurface, incredibly annoying small talk, forceful actions, emotional intensity/instability/ unpredictability, anger and frustration.

We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this Holiday is past.




Astrology Update: November 2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

We begin the month with a complex New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3rd 11° 16’Scorpio, 7:50 AM, EST, that calls for regeneration, action and good timing.  It can be seen on east coast of North and South America, southern Europe & Africa.

With a Stellium in Scorpio (N. Node/Mercury exact conjunction 7°, Sun/Moon exact conjunction 11°, Saturn 13°, Part of Fortune 24°) this New Moon and Eclipse will deliver a wallop back to the side of expanding spiritual development.

A Kite will introduce important, new, acceptable, concepts creating insight, the will to act, and regenerate your personal life, practical affairs, emotions, stamina, and health.  (Kite: Grand Trine: Mars/Pluto/S. Node, Sextiles: Pluto/S. Node sextile Chiron)

Cooperative, productive, action is emphasized by Mars trining Pluto and sextiling Sun/Moon/Mercury/S.Node/Saturn.

On November 5th Venus enters Capricorn until the end of this year, emphasizing commitment and loyalty in love and a need for financial security.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on November 7th until July 2014, it enhances our ability to gain spiritual insight, seek underlying truths and remain optimistic about our future.

Mercury turning direct on November 10th marks the time to move into action with new projects.

Watch out for November 15th as it may bring personal relationship or financial worries when Pluto and Venus conjoin.

The Full Moon comes this month on November 17th at 25° 26’Taurus, 10:16 am EST, with a continued Scorpio stellium (Sun/Saturn and exact conjunction of N. Node/Mercury), that brings new, popular ideas and transformative, practical accomplishments in financial and personal affairs.

Enhancing this trend is a Grand Trine (N.Node/Mercury/Part of Fortune) that enables us to work with prevailing trends and visualize our future, while a Mystic Rectangle (Mercury/N. Node sextile Pluto/Venus trine S. Node/sextile Part of Fortune/trine Mercury/N. Node), moves us to question the structure of our culture and how to diplomatically find solutions to current dilemmas.

On November 21st the Sun enters Sagittarius for the next month adding adventure, positive thinking, & concern for the society’s well-being.

We end the month with a bear of a day on Thanksgiving, November 28th.  Here we have a T-square (conflict & challenge) with Libra Moon opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Watch out for emotional flare-ups, and drastic solutions to pending issues.

















Astrology Update: October 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Chaos is afoot on October 3 when Uranus is closest to the Earth, so watch out for possible sudden reversals in events, relationships and situations.

Then on October 4 we have a doosie of a New Moon, 11° 56’ Libra at 8:35 pm EST.  Although the Sun and Moon are in Libra, this New Moon also has a water emphasis that includes a Stellium in Scorpio (Mercury, N.Node, Saturn, Venus, with Mercury/N.Node/Saturn conjunct, along with a Mars/Venus square. 

Remember that New Moons are seeding times for new energies and thought forms and sets the pace for the following two-week period.  Although this one has a decidedly conservative tone, we can try and stay positive while introducing small steps forward in the new paradigm.  Be careful in relationships for old smoldering issues can be brought to the surface with passion, yet, volatility.

This New Moon also has a Grand Cross to contend with.  With both the Sun and Moon opposing Uranus, watch for extreme sensitivity, independence, nervousness, and emotional instability, in yourself and others, while the Pluto/Jupiter opposition emphasizes a procuring of wealth & power in unscrupulous ways.

Luckily things will be tempered a bit when Venus moves into Sagittarius for four weeks.  Although traditional moral structures will prevail, this placement will also be spiritually oriented, friendly and sociable.

The next day October 8 Mercury exactly conjoins Saturn; the first of three times over the next six weeks.  Look for foresightedness in planning, and hard work, but be careful not to let worry, depression, or obstacles to new ideas take hold.

A good time for networking and social activities takes place on October 14 with a Sun/Moon trine.  This is a good time to introduce new ideas and have them approved by those that count.

Then on October 18 we have a Full Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, 25° 51’ Aires at 7:38 pm EST, where the energies of the Scorpio stellium come to a peak. (N.Node/Saturn/Mercury/Part of Fortune, all conjunct, with Mercury and POF being exact)  Although Venus is no longer a part of this, with an Aires Moon in opposition, watch for unbridled independence, and an emotional, impulsive nature. Denoting a time of change, this eclipse will pack a punch because most of the world will be in viewing range.

The following day, October 19, watch for surfacing repressed desires and actions when Mars opposes Neptune.

Then its time to put new projects and contracts on hold when Mercury goes Retrograde on Oct. 21 until Nov. 10

And we end our turbulent month on a positive note on Oct 23 when the Sun moves into Scorpio and trines the Moon in Cancer.  Look for emotional optimism in all social encounters and relationships.

Astrology Update: September 2013

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

An interesting month indeed! With a polarized New and Full moon, emotional juices will flow no matter which side of the political/spiritual fence you are sitting on.  And with Mercury dancing in three signs, relationships may be a little unstable.

We begin on September 1st with two powerful configurations that promote spiritual development and transformation in all aspects of your life. (Pluto trine Sun & Moon/Mars conjunction).

Then on September 5th the New Moon 13° 04’Virgo at 7:36am EST, gives your transformation more momentum with   2 Kites, a Yod, Mystic Rectangle, Grand Cross and a stellium in Virgo.

This New Moon is a huge catharsis toward healing the rifts we have within ourselves and with others, transforming them and then moving toward spiritual development through deep questioning of who we are, and where we are going both as individuals and as a culture.

For you astrology buffs, here are the specific configurations.  2 Kites: Grand Trine: S.Node/Pluto/Sun & Moon, Sextiles: Pluto/N.Node & Chiron + Chiron/S.Node & Pluto, Yod: Uranus quincunx Sun/Moon/N.Node, Sun sextile N. Node, Mystic Rectangle:  S.Node trine Sun/Moon, sextile N.Node trine Chiron, sextile S. Node, Grand Cross:  Nodal opposition and Sun/Moon opposing Chiron, Virgo stellium: Mercury/Part of Fortune/Sun/Moon.

On September 9th, Mercury moves from detailed Virgo to liberating Libra.  Set some time aside for socializing with others.

When Venus enters Scorpio, four weeks on September11, watch out for passionate encounters in your relationships and anger issues.

Transition begins over the next six days preparing us for the polarizing energies of this month’s Full Moon with a Saturn/N.Node conjunction on September 12, Uranus/Mars trine on September 14 and then Saturn/Venus/N. Node conjunction on September 18.  Here we are subjected to a roller coater ride of conforming to the prevailing culture, then rejecting old conditions, followed again by a more conservative approach.

Watch out for this month’s Full Moon on Sept 19th in 26° 41’Pisces at 7:13 am EST!!  Its configurations suggest a huge emotional backlash from the Powers that be.  Configurations are: Grand Cross: (Pluto/Jupiter opposition, and S.Node opposing N.Node/Venus/Saturn), Sun opposing Moon/Part of Fortune, Uranus quincunx Venus/Saturn and Mars square N.Node/Venus/Saturn.

When Pluto turns direct on September 20, see hidden truths revealed.  Sun enters Libra on the 22, giving way to the Fall Equinox. And we end the month with Mercury moving into Scorpio for the next nine weeks on September 29.  This will be a good time for deep, transformative thinking of how to make the world a better place. However, if things are not going your way, be careful not to let depression seep in.
















Astrology Update: August 2013

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

We begin the month August 1-5 with a continuation of a Grand Sextile and Star of David, the rare configurations mentioned last month.

In Review…With six planets evenly distributed 60° from each other, and in complementary yin elements of earth & water, the Grand Sextile (N. Node Pluto, Chiron, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Venus) helps to enhance you spiritual development, while the Star of David (ascending Grand Trine ~ S. Node, Venus, Pluto & descending Grand Trine ~ Neptune/Moon, Part of Fortune/Jupiter, & Saturn) hails a balanced reorganization of us and society, while the oppositions drive the trines and sextiles into action.  (Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto/Moon opposite Saturn, and Venus opposite Neptune)

And the Rest… On August 6th the New Moon graces us at 14º 45′ Leo at 5:51pm EST.  Expect an undercurrent of emotional theatrics; a desire to be at the center of attention and get your own needs met. With a Grand Cross (Jupiter/Pluto in exact opposition, and Saturn/N. Node opposing S. Node) tensions arise as we decide whether to espouse the new spiritual paradigm or side with the old cultural guard.

However, with a Mystic Rectangle in the mix, (Jupiter sextile S. Node, trine Pluto, sextile N. Node/Saturn trine Jupiter) be prepared for deep questioning and transformation of your past and present behavior and actions.

Later, when Mercury enters Leo on August 9th, creative communication becomes the norm for two weeks until Mercury goes into Virgo on August 22nd.  At that point look for more attention to detail and concern for health and everyday routines.

When Venus enters Libra on August 16th until the middle of September, you can look forward to harmonious and balanced relationships.

The Full Moon arrives on August 20 at 28º 11′ Aquarius  The same Mystic Rectangle prevails from the New Moon insisting that we really question everything that we think and do, while the Kite helps us clear out old patterns and ground new ones. (Grand Trine: Jupiter/Chiron/Saturn, Sextiles, Pluto/Chiron & Saturn, Opposition: Pluto/Jupiter)

August 22nd our Sun enters Virgo, and the very next day Mercury follows suit putting an emphasis on service to others, details, health and diet.

Get ready for blurred thoughts, misunderstandings and deceptions on August 26th when Neptune already extremely close to the Earth, also opposes the Sun.

We end the month with passion, drama, and a need for attention when Mars enters Leo on August 27th.


Astrology Update: July 2013

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Although we begin the month with some pretty dismal energy from a Venus/Saturn square and Pluto/Sun opposition, that at best puts a damper on relationships, things soon pick up at the New Moon on July 8th.

This New Moon, 16º 18’Cancer at 3:14 am EST, is very complex as it features a stellium in Cancer (Moon, Mercury, Sun, & Jupiter) and several Grand Trines; two forming Kites for stability, focus and action.  This will be an excellent time to give much attention to healing old beliefs, core issues and emotions, and transforming them into new healthy patterns and attitudes.  (Grand Trine: N. Node/Part of Fortune trine Chiron & Sun/Mercury, with Pluto sextiling N. Node & Chiron, Pluto opposing Sun, plus S. Node sextiling Sun & Chiron & Nodes opposing each other.) 

 With an abundance of Cancer energy plus the water Grand Trines many astrologers see these configurations as heralding in a major shift towards the Divine feminine.  This idea may be enhanced by another configuration called a Mystic Rectangle (Jupiter/Sun Mercury trine N. Node sextile Pluto trine S. Node sextile Jupiter/Sun/ Mercury) 

Although a Mystic Rectangle provokes enormous questioning, solutions arise from apparent good luck, while new, positive and exciting outcomes from difficult challenges become possible through integrating diverse concepts.

And incredibly with only a couple of changes, these configurations remain constant through the Full Moon on July 22, 0º 06′ Aquarius 2:16 pm, EST.  Here the Sun is in Leo, Moon in Aquarius, and we have a Mars/Jupiter conjunction.  The latter gives more energy/enthusiasm for changing lifestyles and attitudes.

Then, the Grand Finale arrives on July 29th with two extremely rare astrological configurations: A Grand Sextile and a Star of David, grace us until August 5th.

With six planets evenly distributed 60° from each other, and in complementary yin elements of earth & water, the Grand Sextile  (N. Node, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Mars, Venus) helps to enhance your spiritual development, while the Star of David (ascending Grand Trine ~ S. Node, Venus, Pluto & descending Grand Trine ~ Neptune, Moon/Part of Fortune/Jupiter & Saturn) hails a balanced reorganization of us and society, while the oppositions(Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto/Moon opposite Saturn and Venus opposite Neptune) drive the trines and sextiles into action.


And the Rest of the Month…

July 8th: Saturn turns direct after being retrograde for five months, helping you move forward with new projects.

July 13th:  Mars moves into Cancer until the end of August adding emotion and moodiness to relationships.

July 17th:  Uranus begins a five-month retrograde enabling us to process long-term loss & separation.

July 20th:  Mercury turns Direct, initializing a time for new projects.

July 22nd:  Venus enters Virgo for four weeks, putting a bite on relationships with criticism, judgments, and coldness.

Astrology Update ~ June 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Be prepared this month for a relationship roll-a-coaster as Venus traverses Gemini, Cancer and Leo.  On June 2 Venus enters Cancer to focus on financial/domestic security, affection, and extremes in emotional sensitivity.   When Venus enters Leo on June 27, expect emotional stabilization along with an emphasis on creative endeavors, living life to it’s fullest, and craving the spotlight.

On June 3rd the heavens provide us with a Grand Trine of Mercury, Saturn, & Neptune helping us visualize and manifest our professional goals.  Then on June 7th when Neptune turns retrograde for six months, it’s time to enlighten/heal any hidden ideas, concepts and actualities that may be holding your spiritual enfoldment at bay.

On June 8th at 11:56 am EST we have the New Moon at 18º11’Gemini, boasting two rare Kite configurations.  The first one is composed of a  Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn and Venus, Part of Fortune sextile Saturn and Venus, and Neptune opposing the Part of Fortune.  Remembering the Kite becomes the driving focus of the chart, look for an emphasis on being altruistic toward others, plus artistic endeavors.

The second Kite is composed of a Grand Trine with Chiron, N. Node and Mercury, N. Node sextile Chiron & Mercury, and Pluto opposing Venus and Mercury.  This is a time to heal and move forward by embracing paradoxes, writing, and gaining acceptance for your ideas.  Watch out, however, for the shadow side of this configuration that may leave you prone to confidentiality leaks and unwise decisions.

In addition, we also have Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini with the former three conjunct, making communication of all kinds a focus for this New Moon. Uranus square Mercury and Venus feed the shadow of the second Kite by providing impetus for impractical, snap ideas and relationships, without having foresight of truth or consequences.  In addition watch out for unconscious emotional desires with Neptune square Mars.

When the Sun stands still for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, it’s a good time to mirror this event by taking pause in your busy life to see how you want to improve it and proceed.

We have a rather benevolent Full Moon on June 23, 7:32am, EST at 2º 10′ Capricorn with a slew of trines and sextiles.  A Grand Trine with Neptune, Saturn & Sun/Jupiter helps us accomplish our aims with the stock market, spirituality, organizing plans for our future and meditation.

Sextiles: Moon/Saturn, Neptune, Uranus/Mars, Pluto/N. Node enhance the Grand Trine by emphasizing organizational abilities for profession and home, hard work to accomplish tasks, psychic tendencies, and transforming our culture to serve the people. We finish the month with Jupiter moving into Cancer on June 25th for the rest of the year, Mercury turning Retrograde on June 26th until July 20th and Venus moving into Leo on June 27th.