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Healing Prayer for the World’s Oceans

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Since the beginning of the New Year Fukushima’s continuing destruction to our air and water has been on people’s minds, as I receive a steady flow of concerned emails from friends and acquaintances with links to various websites portraying the devastation this nuclear disaster is having on our environment.

This past Fall alarmed Native American elders from many North and South American tribes banded together in council to help “restore peace, harmony and balance for our collective future and for all living beings.”  In doing so, they emphasized that we all need to form groups to pray for and visualize healthy oceans free of radiation and other types of pollution.

This request will make perfect sense to those of you who are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s ground breaking work on observing the physical effects words, prayers, and music have on the crystalline structure of water.

If you are unfamiliar with these experiments here is a bit of background. Dr. Emoto exposed water to different words, word phrases, and music, froze the same water samples and then hired photographers to take pictures of their crystalline structures. The results were incredible!  Water samples that were exposed to nice words and feelings such as love, compassion and forgiveness formed beautiful crystals and samples bombarded with phrases like “I hate you” or heavy metal music formed distorted and ugly crystals.


Here are some examples.




I encourage you all to form as many prayer groups as possible to help restore the health of our oceans.  My friend Barbara Janeway is sponsoring such a group every Thursday evening at 7pm at the Oasis in Carrboro, NC.  Let’s join together and help heal our beautiful planet!

Creating Empowerment through Challenge

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

When we accept challenge as a path of empowerment, we learn to release struggle and resistance, shift worn-out behavior patterns and heal inner wounds.

By meeting life’s predicaments head-on, we give ourselves a dynamic opportunity for growth, change and spiritual healing.  To be successful in navigating crisis calmly, we need to remember to remain objective throughout our current circumstances and concentrate on manifesting positive change in our life.  To do so means relying on our inner resources of fortitude, strength and courage of mind and emotion, if we are to move forward in meeting our potential goals.

For this, introspection, prayer, contemplation and trust are our spiritual tool bag’s greatest allies, as we release preconceived ideas and develop profound insight into the nature of our particular circumstance.

So remember, whether large or small, when challenge crops up in your life, a shift in consciousness from crisis to opportunity will not only save the day, it will also help you understand your priorities and actualize your highest potential.

Right Use of Will: What is it?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

We all know that when we exercise our personal Will we are using self-discipline to motivate us to take charge of our behavior. Aligned with our ego and desires, this form of Will assists our intellect to consciously decide the best course of action.

When we align our personal will with Divine Will our life becomes infused with spiritual energy that works toward our spiritual growth, transformation and enlightenment. Allowing us to grow unconditional love embodied with Spirit, this Right Use of Will helps us move toward our Divine potential, by accelerating our evolutionary path, through an expanded consciousness and higher purpose in life.


How to Connect with Divine Will

Yearn to do so

Have Gratitude




Conscious Breathing

Surrendering to a Higher Power

Enjoying the Beauty in Nature

Connecting with your Higher Self

Following your Heart


Once you have achieved this spiritual resonation, you will be able to shine your Light within to others.


About the Author… Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience as a Spiritual Healer and works with clients to help them heal their core issues, raise their consciousness and create inner peace.  To find out more about her practice and to make an appointment see her website.