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November 2011 Astrology Update

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Mercury goes retrograde from Nov. 20 – Dec. 14 and may put a damper on Holiday sales. Remember to use this time wisely to finish up old projects, meditate and relax. On Nov. 3, both Venus and Mercury move into Sagittarius helping you to have fun and adventure in love, socialization and decision-making. Take care of your Biorhythms when they take a jolt, as we turn our clocks back an hour to standard time on Sunday, Nov. 6th.

 Neptune goes Direct on Nov. 9th after five months of being retrograde. This is a good time to recognize any deceptions, dependencies or cover-ups that have plagued you since last June. Now you will now have more clarity of what’s really going on.

A Full Moon, at 18 degrees Taurus on Nov. 10th reminds us to take care of our bodies, our needs and to find balance in our changing world. The Taurus full moon helps us move ahead by facing reality and what needs to be done. Here we use stamina, determination and persistence to plough through any obstacles that arise, as we bring things to a happy conclusion.

With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus both practicality and passion are brought to our endeavors, so it’s time to finish and bring creative projects to a close. Because both of these signs are fixed, whatever we accomplish will have a lasting effect.   

 The New Moon on the 25th of Nov., 2 degrees Sagittarius, is the last of four solar eclipses this year, and the one this month is only a partial one, seen from the regions of Antarctica to New Zealand. With three other planets also in Sagittarius (Venus, Mercury & Sun), we can look forward to a rather super-charged day. Be careful though, Sagittarius tends to be a little too optimistic and looks towards the highest possibilities instead of what is real and grounded in the now.

With Mercury Retrograde there is also a good chance that there will be some communication and travel mix-ups during the Thanksgiving Holiday. On the bright side, this is a new cycle of adventure beckoning you to move towards growth. So take some risks, but keep the big picture in mind.

Look to your charts to see if you have any planets close to 2 degrees in any of the signs. If so, this Solar Eclipse will affect you the most.

June 2011: Astrology Update

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The featured Astrology occurrences for June 2011 are two eclipses.  The first one is a partial Solar Eclipse occurring on June 1st  where the Sun and Moon are conjunct (next to each other) at 11 degrees, 1 minute Gemini, while also forming a trine to Saturn.

Because the Sun and Moon also square (tension & conflict) Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, there may be confusion in sorting out your thoughts.  So meditation will give a boost to clearing away the cobwebs and bringing forth a clear mind so you can bring forth the new changes in your life as indicated by this eclipse: calling you to heal your psyche by illuminating your individuality.  The new moon in Gemini asks you to begin a new project dealing with communication in some way.  Forming a close trine (easy going) to this eclipse, Saturn will easily bring in form and structure to any changes made at this time.  And being retrograde, Saturn will also help support us bring old projects to fruition in a new or novel way.

The second eclipse occurs June 15th and is a Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees and 23 minutes Sagittarius, exactly opposite the Sun in Gemini.   With Mercury conjunct the Sun and Saturn in Libra still opposing Uranus, square Pluto, this eclipse asks us to redefine and rethink all of our relationships, whether they be lovers, co-workers, friends or family.  This is equally a time to make sure that our thoughts are in balance with our emotions and heading towards the same goals.

Although astrologers have historically seen the Total Lunar Eclipse to be malific, a new enlightened way of viewing this occurrence is to heed it’s wake-up call for change and action.

The key to working with this eclipse is to adapt, improvise and work with the situations that  are presented.  If you handle your issues in this way, you will probably be able to circumvent any difficulties that arise.

Look to see where Gemini and Sagittarius fall in your astrology birth chart or Solar Return.   Here you will see how these eclipses affect you personally. 


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