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Astrology Update ~ May 2013

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

With Mercury changing signs three times, two Eclipses and an exact Pluto/Uranus square, May looks like it will be an interesting month indeed!

We begin on May 1st with Mercury moving into Taurus, so watch out for slower thinking and reaction times.  This placement also focuses on using common sense and practicality in decision-making and concentration on security.

On May 9th Venus moves into Gemini for almost a month.  This will be a good time to spice up your life with social engagements and making new friends.  This day also brings the New Moon 19º 33′ Taurus at 8:28pm EST, with a Solar Eclipse that will be seen in Australia, New Zealand and the Central Pacific.

With four conjunct planets in Taurus, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars plus the S. Node & a powerful Solar Eclipse, this New Moon promises to get your environmental and financial juices flowing. Watch out for emotional flare-ups, aggressive behavior, bad timing, missed opportunities and being swept along with the societal current.

If you are able to rise above the chaos you can plug into Pluto trine Mercury/Mars/S. Node and Saturn trine Neptune.  These aspects will enable you to have a transforming influence through organizational and professional planning, meditation, decisive, constructive action, and getting to the root of why difficulties may be occurring and how to fix or heal them.

On May 15thMercury moves into Gemini for two weeks, with the Sun following suit on May 20th.   Watch for an emphasis on communication of all kinds and possible difficulties in this area with all the solar flare activity.

On May 25th, at 3º 5′ Sagittarius, 12:25am EST we have the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse that can be seen in Africa and the Americas.  With Neptune in a T-square with the Sun & Moon, beware of confusion, fantasies, self-destructive behavior, low level psychic distortion, self-deception and difficulty with relationships.

Perhaps the Pluto/Uranus square at 0º 15′ will lend a hand in cutting through the fog, while the Venus, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction in Gemini may help add eloquence in communication.

On May 30th Mercury goes into Cancer until  August 9th.  Here emotions may overcome objectivity, logical thinking, and we may be more sensitive to what others say.  We end the month with Mars going into Gemini on May 31st where it will be a challenge to stay on task and not scatter your energy.









November 2011 Astrology Update

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Mercury goes retrograde from Nov. 20 – Dec. 14 and may put a damper on Holiday sales. Remember to use this time wisely to finish up old projects, meditate and relax. On Nov. 3, both Venus and Mercury move into Sagittarius helping you to have fun and adventure in love, socialization and decision-making. Take care of your Biorhythms when they take a jolt, as we turn our clocks back an hour to standard time on Sunday, Nov. 6th.

 Neptune goes Direct on Nov. 9th after five months of being retrograde. This is a good time to recognize any deceptions, dependencies or cover-ups that have plagued you since last June. Now you will now have more clarity of what’s really going on.

A Full Moon, at 18 degrees Taurus on Nov. 10th reminds us to take care of our bodies, our needs and to find balance in our changing world. The Taurus full moon helps us move ahead by facing reality and what needs to be done. Here we use stamina, determination and persistence to plough through any obstacles that arise, as we bring things to a happy conclusion.

With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus both practicality and passion are brought to our endeavors, so it’s time to finish and bring creative projects to a close. Because both of these signs are fixed, whatever we accomplish will have a lasting effect.   

 The New Moon on the 25th of Nov., 2 degrees Sagittarius, is the last of four solar eclipses this year, and the one this month is only a partial one, seen from the regions of Antarctica to New Zealand. With three other planets also in Sagittarius (Venus, Mercury & Sun), we can look forward to a rather super-charged day. Be careful though, Sagittarius tends to be a little too optimistic and looks towards the highest possibilities instead of what is real and grounded in the now.

With Mercury Retrograde there is also a good chance that there will be some communication and travel mix-ups during the Thanksgiving Holiday. On the bright side, this is a new cycle of adventure beckoning you to move towards growth. So take some risks, but keep the big picture in mind.

Look to your charts to see if you have any planets close to 2 degrees in any of the signs. If so, this Solar Eclipse will affect you the most.

Solar Eclipses

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Viewed with dread in ancient times, the Solar Eclipse was seen as an ill-fated omen of large-scale events to come in the near future.

Originally taken from the Greeks, the word eclipse means abandonment and was seen in ancient times as the Sun abandoning the Earth.  And many ancient cultures believed that this was a time that the Sun was attacked by demons or dragons.  The ancient cultures of India, China, Egypt, Peru, and Babylon alike warned their people about these times through their mythologies and story telling.

Because Solar Eclipses tend to portray sudden events that come out of nowhere and disrupt our daily lives we can easily understand how the people’s of old interpreted the Solar Eclipse a time of doom.

July 2011 Astrological Eclipse Update

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

On July 1st, we have the 3rd eclipse in a rare cycle of three in a row, (June 1st we had a partial Solar eclipse and June 15th a total Lunar eclipse). This third astrological eclipse takes place on the New Moon at 9º Cancer, and is another partial Solar eclipse that will only be visible from a D-shaped region in the Antarctic Ocean south of Africa.

Although Solar Eclipses tend to bring endings to current life directions and the opening of new doorways, this one may be more potent than usual as it is also in the formation of a Cardinal Grand Cross with the planets of Saturn (10º Libra, Uranus 4º Aries, and Pluto 6º Capricorn).

To work with this configuration we must trust life and ourselves as we deal with the challenges that arise. This period marks a time of unexpected crisis and transformation in the areas of home and work and a time of increasing responsibilities.  The energies of the Saturn and Uranus opposition wrestle with responsibility to others verses the need to do your own thing, while Pluto opposing the Sun and Moon bring up instinctual and survival issues.  With four close squares in this configuration we can expect lot’s of tension and anxiety as we try to figure out what to do. Try not to get lost in your fears as you work with the above themes and reassess your commitments for their long term practicality.

Look to see where this Grand Cross falls in your birthchart for your own personal interpretation, or give me a call for a professional reading, (919) 942-7754.